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$15 million

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To achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

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Are There Muslim in Korea?

How Many Muslim in Korea? The number of Muslims in Korea, mostly workers and students from countries such as Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh. In

Syria civil war: How it all happened?

As a result of the Arab Spring protests, which saw the successful overthrow of Egypt’s and Tunisia’s presidents in 2011, Syrian pro-democracy activists in Syria

Supported by people you trust

Iddin Ramli

Project: General Project

Ryan Deedat

Sector: Health, Food
Project: Special Iftar for Ummah
Prof. Dato' Dr. Ariff Osman

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ariff Osman​

Former Deputy Campus Director, IIUM Kuantan.​
Project: Youth Development Program
Prof. Dr. Mohd Razif Mohamad Yunus​​

Prof. Dr. Mohd Razif Mohamad Yunus​​

Principal of Tun Dr Ismail College, UKM
Project: Youth Development Program
Dr. Salvinder Singh A/L Karam Singh​

Dr. Salvinder Singh A/L Karam Singh

Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia​
Project: Youth Development Program

Mawar Rashid

Project: General Project

Naim Daniel

Sector: Health
Project: Care for You

PU Taha

Sector: Education
Project: Annur Quranic Centre

Imam Muda Asyraf

Sector: Food
Project: Qurban Care for Ummah

Wan Sharmila

Sector: Poverty, Food
Project: Emergency Relief

Hijanah Aisyah

Project: General Project
(Dr.) Mohd Farid Bin Ismail

(Dr.) Mohd Farid Bin Ismail

Senior Lecturer, Department Of Chemistry, UPM
Project: Qurban Care For Ummah (QC4U)​
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Bursa Malaysia
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