24 years of inflammatory bowel disease agony

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Diploma; a dream within a dream

Nur Suhani’s dream of graduating with a diploma in Human Resource Management was shattered when she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease six years ago.

Suhani had to postpone her studies at Politeknik Johor for two years and stay at home resting after experiencing symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomit, and drastic weight loss in 2016.

Suhani had been visiting Tunku Jaafar Hospital with her mother for over a year, but the doctor was still unable to diagnose the disease from which she was suffering. When her case was brought to Hospital UKM, the doctors there discovered she had inflammatory bowel disease.

Despite her constant pain since the beginning, she has never given up on her goal of completing her studies at UiTM Penang in 2018 and continuing on to UiTM Seremban 3 in 2019. However, due to her severe inflammatory bowel disease, she had  to put her dream on hold for the time being.

Suhani’s condition gradually improved after she began taking medications every two weeks and had an endoscopy for every six months.

Suhani’s surgery, which has cost RM18,000, is a huge financial burden for her family, as she has seven siblings in addition to herself. But after the subsidiary deduction, the total amount that they have to pay is RM8,715.

Furthermore, with the help from Baitul-mal, which is RM5,000, and the RM1,369 that the family could afford to pay, they are now required to pay the balance of RM2,346 to Hospital UKM.

As of the moment, to treat the inflammatory bowel, the doctor recommended taking the medications once every two weeks.

“If she does not go through that treatment, she will find it difficult to carry out her daily activities because she will be in constant pain. That’s why my advice for Suhani is to have a treatment once every two weeks for the rest of her life,” explained the doctor that treated her in Hospital UKM. 

“In fact, I could not even eat or drink normally because I was constantly in pain in my stomach,” said her with a sad face.

As the saying goes, a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Let’s stand together and help Suhani

realise her dream of graduating with a diploma as well as living a normal life just like everyone


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