A New Paradise For The ‘Asnaf’

Enliven Poverty Campaign

Dream House For The Asnaf

“The sky is the roof, the earth is the floor”. This is the metaphor that best describes the condition of an ‘asnaf’ living in a poorly conditioned home. Because of life’s difficulties, they are unable to provide a comfortable home for their families.

How could they even sleep soundly if they were worried about their future? They will surely be concerned about water entering their home due to living in a house with leaks all over the place, when raining.

But this is the fact that the asnaf has to swallow. Therefore, MyFundAction has taken the initiative in launching a campaign to provide a dream house for those who are less fortunate.

My House, My Paradise

This initiative not only contributes to the construction of a new home, but also to the provision of basic necessities such as electricity, water, a sanitary system, and clean gas for cooking.

Alhamdulillah, until the past 2021, a total of 8 houses were successfully constructed in four countries. The goal of this campaign is to help people realize their dreams of living in a safe, comfortable home.

Do you recall the story about a young boy named Akid who lived in a very poor house that went viral across the country? with leaked roofs, a lack of a toilet, and the chill of the night will keep them awake. That is the reality of what Akid and his family had to endure.

This really breaks our hearts. After seeing all this, are we still able to get a good night’s sleep?


Their Happiness is Our Happiness

Therefore, we humbly ask everyone to join us in sharing some of our rizq with the asnaf to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to live. 

May our effort shine a ray of hope for those in need. Hopefully, with each sharing, you will be able to benefit the asnaf in need.

Let's be part of us in this project

May Allah S.W.T rewards you [with] goodness. Support by sharing this campaign with others:


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May Allah S.W.T rewards you [with] goodness.