3000 Al-Quran for African Muslim monthly

10 People share 1 Al-Quran for their learning in Africa

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RM 55,263
of RM 150,000

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Muslim in Africa continent are minorities at their own countries. With very poor economy and little facilities, they also left far behind in term of education. To be honest, it was like comparing Malaysia 100 years ago!

Despite the hardship and poor facilities, they always stood up and prioritize the importance of Islamic education. Even proven, many of them is now continuing their study in Al-Azhar University in Egypt, coming back to their country becoming educator and the cycle continues to affect many others.

There’s no printed Al-Quran for them unlike what we have in Malaysia. They have to share 1 Al-Quran among 10 students each time and it will slow down their progress. To make things even worse, they have to study Al-Quran, memorizing and reciting it by writing on the paper and woods.

Thanks to all concerns from the public, this program has proven succesful and 3,000 Al-Quran will be distributed to them every month.

And to make sure this effort continues and delivered to many others, MyFundAction is aiming to accumulate a fund of RM150,000 monthly, so the Muslim from 6 countries such as Niger, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic dan Malawi will be benefited.

We will be the intermediary for you to deliver the Quran to them and with this assistance hopefully, the benefits will continuesly rewarded by Allah almighty even after we died.

Join us to contributes more Al-Quran (3000 pieces monthly) so that Islam will flourish in Africa

Important Note: Waqf Recital

To proceed kindly recite the following waqf recital:

“I hereby giving the following (amount donated) for the purpose of the Islamic Community in Africa that is organized by MyFundAction”


We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

MyFundAction is a non-profit organization runs by Youth that embraces love and passion through volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

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