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Annur Quranic Center: Big-time investment for the afterlife

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Annur Quranic Complex strives to be one of the country’s top-tier Islamic institutions. Sustain our mission to bring the Qur’an closer to our youth, thereby give a greater impact to society one day.

Ramadhan is the month of the Quran, where it was first revealed in this holy month. Therefore, this is the time for us to engage more with the Quran; recite it, learn its meaning, memorize it. Want to do something bigger than this? Seize the opportunity through the establishment of the Annur Quranic Center for youth. We are working to instill the light of the Holy Qur’an in the hearts and minds of our youth while also meeting their academic needs and molding them into future leaders.

Throughout three years of the Annur Quranic Center (AQC) operation, 69 students accomplished memorizing 30 constituents of the Quran within three months along with the translation. That’s truly mind-blowing. We have set a goal to develop 200 more professional Huffaz by the end of 2021.

The Annur Complex’s construction by the Annur Quranic Center is situated in Tronoh, Perak. It is to be a new, facilitative, and beneficient Al-Quran center for all ages. Its target to be able to accommodate 1,000 huffaz at a time.

The complex consists of 2 blocks of 12-storeys of Administrative and Academic Buildings and two blocks of 6-storey of dormitory buildings include:

  • Class
  • Hall
  • Administration office
  • Store
  • Male and female dormitories

However, due to insufficient funds, the progress of the new complex has been slowed down. For the time being, the students stayed at the rental building in Manjung, Perak that accommodates 50-70 students. There are times where they have to memorize in the corridor because space is limited. Besides, we could not fuel any demands from the parents who wish to send their children here.

We aim to nurture the young Professional Huffaz, which has an outstanding balance between academic excellence and soft skills. Through module Annur, they are equipped with these three core values:

  • Leaderships
  • Volunteerism
  • Entrepreneurship


We urge all of you to support our cause help our youth fulfilling their dreams today. You are securing a brighter future for the Huffaz professional generation. Imagine when you invest a minimum of RM 50, He bestowed you with eternal wealth in this Dunya and the hereafter. Opportunity does not knock twice. Register your name and your beloved ones now.

And the example of those who donate their wealth, seeking Allah’s pleasure and believing the reward is certain,1 is that of a garden on a fertile hill: when heavy rain falls, it yields up twice its normal produce. If no heavy rain falls, a drizzle is sufficient. And Allah is All-Seeing of what you do.



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