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“AROHA BOX”: A Gift For Reverts To Learn The True Islam

Did you know that the percentage of Muslim reverts who leave for other religions is alarming high? Due to the fact that they struggle to live as Muslims in a non-Muslim country. They tend to give up halfway.

There are those who had to hide their Muslim identity because their parents strongly opposed it.

Since then, there are a lot of misinformation about Islam. Of course, Of course, for Muslims and revert to practicing the ways of Islam, they’ll struggle along the way because there’s no support and guidance.



Looking back at all the situations with Muslims and reverts in Western countries, This is where the Aroha Box project shines.

The Box contains fundamental items for the reverts to better understand Islam like:

  1. Arabic – English Quran Translation
  2. Prayer mat
  3. Prayer attire
  4. Digital prayer beads
  5. Guidance video

Besides that, we’ll also be supporting them by;

1# Providing them with free classes on Islam – These classes are meant to educate both Muslims and revert about the fundamentals of Islam.

2# Approach and Motivate – Through a developed Muslim community, how about we use this platform as a way to connect with them thus making them feel welcome and motivated to practice the teachings of Islam?

Would you like to be part of this project?

The Aroha Box campaign aims to spread the da’wah of Islam in NZ/UK/Australia by teaching them about Islam.


Therefore, we would like to invite you to support the Aroha Box waqf program with just RM50/waqf.

Akad Waqf:

I hereby contribute waqf as much as RM ___ on behalf of (your name/ parent’s name etc) for Dakwah Muslim in NZ / Australia / UK managed by MyFundAction lillahi Taala


In addition to performing waqf for yourself, you are also welcome to do it on behalf of:

  • Parents who are still alive or have passed away.
  • Family such as wife, children, and siblings.
  • Friends, who are very close. Those who have done a lot of kindness for you.

Who knows, if we abandon them, in the near future, more Muslims will give up on Islam and leave for other religions.

Your support matters to keep these da’wah activities running. 

Let's be part of us in this project

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