We all woke up to horrific news this week. A never ending heartbroken story…but our help shouldn’t end as THEY STILL NEED US!

Israeli troops opened fire on Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, killing at least 12 people including an elderly woman. More are hurting, and everyone is mourning. Many fear the worst is not behind us.

In this desperate hour, they need our unwavering support to provide essential aid and restore hope to the innocent victims of this tragedy. Palestine refugees in the West Bank are in serious crisis. Don’t leave them alone. Every single support matters, and together, we can make a tangible difference in their lives. Your support will go wherever Palestine refugees need it most.

With only $45 or MYR200, you can bring a month of emergency food assistance to a refugee family in the West Bank. More than 3000 Palestinian in Jenin have no shelters due to the house demolitions and they were forced to leave their homes by the Israeli, your support will respond to Palestine refugees’ most urgent needs.

Imagine the desperation and fear that these families face as they leave behind everything they hold dear, seeking refuge in schools and centers. They are in desperate need of food, shelter, and the basic necessities that we often take for granted. Together, we can make a difference and extend a helping hand to these innocent victims.

Generous supporters, like you, enable MyFundAction to save more lives and rebuild their resilience and livelihoods, so that they will not embark on these dangerous journeys. We have the power to alleviate suffering and bring solace to those in need. Let us stand together in solidarity and show the strength of our humanity.

What we can do to assist Palestinian ?

1. Support Urgent Needs

No. Needs Quantity Price in MYR Total Amount
1 Blanket & Mattress 1,000 200 200,000
2 Baby Milk 100 75 7,500
3 Family supplies (water, bread and basic food) 2,100 200 420,00
Total MYR627,500


2. Support us to Build a New Medical Center in West Bank

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundAction

MyFundAction has taken the initiative to develop the Palestine Medical Centre project in West Bank.

Palestine Medical Centre is a medical center that:
✅ Provides facilities for 20,000 Palestinian citizens living in West Bank
✅ Provides emergency treatment, especially for injured Palestinian citizens
✅ Helps pregnant women give birth to Palestinian babies


Remember, the urgency of this crisis demands immediate action. 

Every second counts. Together, we can bring relief, healing, and restoration to the resilient people of Jenin.

Share this campaign widely, and let compassion guide our actions. With your support, we can make a profound difference.

Support now and be the lifeline of hope for Jenin! May your generosity be rewarded abundantly.

From Aisha RA, she said, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The most beloved deeds to Allah SWT are those that are continuous even if the amount is small” (HR. Bukhari, 6465)

Let's be part of us in this project

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May Allah S.W.T rewards you [with] goodness.