Palestine continues to be bombarded and soaked in blood this Ramadan.

As is the norm every year, the month of Ramadan bears witness to the battle between Israel and the Palestinian people.

People fainted, suffocated, were bleeding

And this year, once again, the month of Ramadan has witnessed the Israeli army is aggressively capturing Palestinian citizens by raiding cities in the West Bank.

As a result, as of now (5/4/2023), 94 Palestinian citizens have died, including 17 children and one woman.

The Obstacles of Palestine Reaching Out for Medical Aids

Hospital As-shifa, the only complete modern hospital, was destroyed since 2021.

The Palestinian people are forced to endure pain without treatment because there are no hospitals or clinics in their area.

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundAction

Even if there are, the hospitals are located about 60-70 km away from their homes. They have to travel for about 3 hours to reach the hospital in Hebron, which is the only nearest hospital.

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundAction

This is due to the condition of the roads and rocky terrain that is not paved

What makes it even more difficult for them is not just the distance they have to travel. In fact, the Israeli army will block their travel at every border from district to district in the West Bank.


Build a New Medical Center in Um Al-Khair, West Bank

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundAction

Seeing this situation, MyFundAction has taken the initiative to develop the Palestine Medical Centre project in Um Al Khair, West Bank.


Palestine Medical Centre is a medical center that:
✅ Provides facilities for 20,000 Palestinian citizens living in Um Al Khair
✅ Provides emergency treatment, especially for injured Palestinian citizens
✅ Helps pregnant women give birth to Palestinian babies


With your support to provide health facilities like this, we can defend the fate of our brothers and sisters in Palestine to continue to stand firm and continue their lives there.


Establishment of New Medical Center Endowment

[PHASE 2: $500,000 NEEDED]

100 endowment lots: $750
50 endowment lots: $375
10 endowment lots: $75
3 endowment lots: $45
1 endowment lot: $15


From Aisha RA, she said, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The most beloved deeds to Allah SWT are those that are continuous even if the amount is small” (HR. Bukhari, 6465)


Let's be part of us in this project

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