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Food Aid halted, 30,000 children under the age of 5 suffer from malnutrition!

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Malnutrition is the #1 cause of death in Yemen

According to UNHCR, 25,000 families in Yemen have not received food aid since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. The existing and ongoing crisis in the country has threatened fundraising and humanitarian activities. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to provide humanitarian relief to Yemen

An estimated 80% of the population equivalent to 24 million people need some form of humanitarian aid and protection.

Have you ever wondered how the Yemeni live their life?

  • No food supply guarantee
  • Lack of nutritious food
  • Limited access to food and health services
  • Sub-optimal functioning of the health, water and sanitation systems

Without help, more lives are lost. People are starving and dying. Children are malnourished.
1 child dies every 10 minutes.

We help you to help them

The Care For Yemen Campaign is created to curb hunger and transform the Yemeni life from near death to survival.

Last year, we amassed 4740 cans of formula milk to be distributed in refugee camps in Yemen.
200,000 pieces of bread were produced to feed unfortunate families.

We hope to help more and we need your support. THE YEMENI NEEDS YOU. We believe, together we can always do more.

Sharing is caring

“People who like to feed others are provided for him a special door in heaven that no one can enter other than himself and the like.”

– (HR Thabrani)

A piece of bread and a tin of formula milk may sound meaningless to some of us, but not to the Yemeni. They mean a lot to them! Those foods are life-changing!

Why bread and formula milk?

  • Most of them are displaced from their homes. They don’t have resources to cook food. Now, bread has to be their staple food to survive
  • Benalac is a formula milk that provides infants and young children with the essential macro and micro nutrients. It can be used to treat children under age five who are affected by severe acute malnutrition

“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference”

Let us together make a difference to the Yemeni life

No one has ever become poor by giving

“O Allah our Lord, feed those who feed us and give drink to those who give drink to us.” (Hadith narrated by Muslim)


We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

MyFundAction is a non-profit organization runs by Youth that embraces love and passion through volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

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