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Malaysia has become one of the highest positive cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) recorded in all Southeast Asia. This has increased worries from multiple sides including the hospital workers which are involving in the screening and the university students who are stuck inside their universities. The Restriction Movement Order that was issued by the government is to prevent sudden spread of the pandemic which made public institutions lacking of basic needs resources such as food supplies because most of the premises are closed for a short period of time.

As total of 60, 000 university students are in their residential colleges on campus and not allowed to return to their hometown. More than 50,000 Malaysians affected with the COVID-19 issue that happening nowadays. Therefore, MyFundAction stepped forward with a total of 1, 242 “Smile Pack” units and distributed so far. List of hospital that received our Smile Pack :

1) Serdang Hospital
2) Ampang Hospital
3) University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM)
4) Banting Hospital
5) Klang Hospital
6) Shah Alam Hospital
7) Selayang Hospital
8) Seremban Hospital
9) Students in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
10) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
11) Kolej Pendeta Za’ba, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
12) Police officers and army during the operation.

The “Smile Pack” is very easy to prepare, only submerge the pack in hot water for a few minutes and it is ready.

The Smile Pack is a one set meal consists of white basmathi rice, beef curry or chicken curry which is made ready-to-eat (RTE). This innovative food pack has a 2-year shelf life and has no preservatives. It uses a German-technology; retort sterilization, to kill germs. On a positive note, this food pack can help increase mobility for staffs and students to get food sources which is cleaner and can last longer than other food items.

A help like this is very good and should be continued. In fact, it really benefits on duty personnel equipped with PPE to enjoy a meal according to their own flexible free time. They can also focus on the security personnels which are also involved in the COVID19 Pandemic prevention operation.

Klang Hospital’s Chief of Public Relation, Madam Fatin

In the nearest future, we are going to distribute masks to those who are not able to afford and not to forget the front liners of Covid 19. Besides that, this fund will also be able to cover the cleaning of premises, prayer areas, mosques and also schools that were affected.


We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

MyFundAction is a non-profit organization runs by Youth that embraces love and passion through volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

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