Save The Syrians From Starvation


More than 12.4 million people live in Syria, which is currently experiencing the worst food crisis in history.



Adding more to their burden, the war, the political upheaval, and the closed borders only make things worse for them.

Not only that, due to mothers’ inability to produce milk from a lack of nutrition, hundreds of thousands of babies resulted in death.



Children at a young age had to starve for days before they could eat a piece of bread. Even bread, which is the main food for Syrians, is hard to come by.

This is the reality of which the Syrians had to face. It could be said that ‘Nothing kills like the hunger’


Bread Factory As Means To Help Them

As for these reasons, we felt the need to build a bread factory in a location that is close to the Syria border and thus reducing the cost for logistics.

It’s difficult to imagine how difficult it would be for a family of ten to eat only once a day, whereas in Malaysia, almost everyone is able to enjoy the food they love. 



This bread factory can produce 7,000 to 8,000 pieces of bread per day, which will be distributed to Syrian families.

With this, more than 15,000 families will able to get continuous supply of bread and will not have to worry about being starve anymore.


Waqf RM50 For The Development of Bread Factory In Syria.

Therefore, we from MyFundAction ask you to join us in giving waqf to fulfil this dream of building a bread factory for the Syrians.



Can you imagine how many of our brothers and sisters we can save just from building this bread factory?

More than 75,000 individuals won’t go hungry!

Join us in making a difference in the life of all Syrian refugees by supporting to the development of this bread factory. 


Let's be part of us in this project

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