Fighting for Every Breath, Yearning for a Miracle

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to sleep soundly at night right? but for Ika, it’s a luxury she can’t have. She can’t fall asleep, not even for a second!

The fear of Aydan passing away in his sleep haunts her every night, compelling her to check if her son is still breathing.

This has become her routine ever since Aydan Rifqi, 5 months old, was diagnosed with Severe Laryngomalacia—a chronic breathing problem. Aydan was born prematurely and had to be transferred to a NICU ward where he was connected to a breathing machine.

Although it has been three months since he entered the NICU, Aydan still struggles to breathe on his own and remains dependent on the machine.

“He breathes as if every breath might be his last, and he appears to be in so much pain,” said Ika.

Ika also mentioned that Aydan has a lung problem. His right lung only has one lobe instead of the usual three, which is abnormal.

“I truly wish for a miracle to happen to Aydan, so he can grow up like any other child his age,” Ika sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Are there any kind-hearted individuals willing to support Aydan? He is in urgent need of an oxygen breathing machine or CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, as well as specialized care.

Total Treatment Cost: $10,200

  • CPAP machine ($6,526): $250 per part
  • Treatment care ($1,340): $200 per part
  • Special Milk & Diapers ($1,794): $100 per part
  • Phlegm suction device ($540): $50 per part
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