Earthquake death toll surpasses 48,900 in Syria, Turkiye

It is extremely tragic that earthquake tragedies have affected Lebanon, Syria, and Turkiye.

The suffering and sadness that the victims of this tragedy experienced were beyond our comprehension.


death tolls (as of 21.02.2023)


left homeless


collapsed buildings

On February 6th, Turkiye and Syria were hit by a tremendous 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed an estimated 50,000 people while they slept with thousands more injured.

The earthquake brought down nearly 10,000 apartment blocks in Turkish cities and piled more devastation on millions of Syrians displaced by years of war.

The situation is HORRIBLE!

MyFundAction and our collaborators, Hayrat Yardim are working tirelessly day and night, whether on the ground or not, to rescue as many lives as possible in this situation.

While the death toll keeps growing daily, people struggle to find appropriate shelter, food, water, medicine, and blankets.

In addition, just look at the temperature. This is the condition they have to deal with. It’s very cold!

They have lost everything with no winter coat, no heater.


They are struggling under the rubbles, in this very strong winter condition.

With your support, we managed to deliver immediate aid to many affected areas :

  1. Sanliurfa
  2. Gaziantep
  3. Hatay, Turkiye
  4. Idlib, Syria

Loss of loved ones, the destruction of homes and properties, and the loss of food supplies will surely be a great test for them.


URGENT! 300,000 of devastated earthquake victims have been homeless

Thousands of earthquake victims need urgent assistance right now!

For only $50, you can provide 2 sets of winter cloth which will save them from the cold.

Our efforts may seems small but it will ease their burdens.

By joining the cause, you can save more and more lives especially in this very tough time due to the extreme weather.

Let’s share this and invite more of your friends to be part of us in this cumulative efforts and provide the best for the victims whatever we can do together!

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