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“Whoever feeds a believer, so that he feels full instead of hungry, then God will admit him to one of the gates of heaven that no one else can enter.” {Riwayat at-Tabrani}



Bread is a staple food for Syrian refugees. However, it is not easy for them to get this supply of bread because of the cut off food supply.

The amount of bread production is also not enough for the growing number of Syrian refugees.



The Bread For Syria campaign is an initiative for us to provide free food for a long time to those in Syria especially during the war they are struggling.

To the point that they had to dry the leftover bread in order to eat it the following day,

Thus, through this campaign, every family of two parents and three children will receive an endless supply of bread.



May every penny channeled be repaid in the form of great rewards in this world & hereafter.

You can choose a package as follow for 5 Family:


Package A – USD 200 (Monthly for 1 Year)
Package B – USD 400 (Bi-monthly for 1 Year)
  Package C – USD 600 (Every 3 month for 1 Year)
Package D – Custom amount


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