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Great gifts for refugees in Syria to enjoy a meaningful Ramadhan

On the eve of Ramadhan, we find the joy of fasting and getting together with family and friends. While in the other part of the world, millions of refugees will celebrate the holy month facing poverty, hardship, and uncertainty. They lost their homeland, including the mosque – a focal point where every people’s heart lies.

Arsal in northern Lebanon has a population of 65,000 people. The vast majority – which consists of nearly 80 percent of refugees – have found shelter here. Most of them are Muslim Sunni. They yearn to pray in a mosque and to hear the call to prayer.


Since the civil war hit them, Syrian refugees and displaced families in Lebanon observing Ramadhan in an extreme situation. They do not have a dedicated place for worship and a community center to gather people around. People cannot afford to build a mosque due to extreme poverty, as they hardly provide for their daily needs.

Why they need a mosque?

1. There is no suitable prayer hall for Syrian refugees to worship there
2. They need a mosque that will serve as the center point, complete with a seminar room and meeting room facilities for religious activities.

They celebrate Ramadhan with sadness, unlike the rest of the Muslims, as there was no mosque in their settlement. Besides, they couldn’t congregate for daily prayers and Tarawih during the blessing month. Their dilapidated tents are already cramped with many peoples in and always flooded.

The first As-Sabeel Masjid in Al-Bab, Syria, has now 80% completed. Your generous act makes us possible to sustain our mission. Now, we want you to join us for the construction of the As-Sabeel Masjid 2.0 in Arsal with facilities such as:

Three floors with a capacity of 230 people on each floor equipped with rooms and small halls for social activities

Pursue the blessings in this holy month with waqf As-Sabeel Masjid construction—an ultimate way for akhirah investment that will continually deposit good deeds into your eternal account. May every prayer said, every letter recited, and every tear shed from a tender heart in this mosque will be a source of reward for all of our heroes who contribute to this effort!

The mosque is an essential pillar of the Muslim community- a center for prayer and worship and meaningful community events and social gatherings. Be our heroes to fulfill their dreams of owning the mosque. Let’s go hand in hand to benefit many refugees for years to come in sha Allah, which will continue to benefit us after our death. Make an endless charity, gain eternal rewards.

Indeed, those who practice charity have loaned Allah SWT a goodly loan; it will be multiplied for them and they will have a noble reward


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