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Establish Masjid Ar-Rahmaniah to build your mansion in Jannah today

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by October 1, 2022

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To fund the construction of Masjid Ar-Rahmaniah, Tronoh that was desperately needed for locals.

There is no better time to feed the soul other than Ramadhan. Allah SWT has honored you to become His distinguished guest in the month full of blessing. You will serve a special meal of food for the body and soul—this is your ultimate chance to reap abundance in rewards and many other benefits. Contribute now to establish a masjid for locals here performing nightly prayers Taraweeh and iftar together. You will earn a magnificent house in Jannah for you and your family.

Masjid Ar-Rahmaniah has been around 57 years and was established in 1964. The mosque can no longer accommodate more Jemaah because of the narrow prayer hall, which forced some of the residents to turn back. A new restructuring is needed as it is always flooded by flash floods, maintenance work (blackout every time).

The mosque is located nearby the main road Ipoh-Lumut. Many outsiders from various districts and states make a pit stop here before embarking on their journey again. An estimated 10,000 Muslims who live in Tronoh are residents of 3 villages, 16 housing estates, and six educational institutions.

However, this mosque’s capacity is relatively smaller than the number of pilgrims present for Friday prayers and Hari Raya. During the fasting month, the number will surely double up to 800 people, causing some people to pray in front of the ablution area.

The parking spaces are limited to 20 cars only, forced others to park on the nearby streets leading to traffic snarls.

We could make this better for their convenience. The new reconstruction of the mosque can accommodate a more significant number of people until 1,400 people at one time with access such as:

  • Confined ablution area for female
  • Accessible for OKU
  • Travelers-friendly amenities e.g. ATM, changing room for babies, Gazebo

Ramadhan is the prime time to gather all the community in remembrance of Allah Taala. Join our movement to complete the construction of the 3.8-acre mosque here. Register your name for WAQF MASJID AR-RAHMANIAH, TRONOH today. Your gift multiplies 700 times, hence secure a deposit into the investment for akhirah. Every time someone prays in this Masjid, the reward will reach you long after leaving this world. Hurry up! Pre-book your first house in Jannah as low as RM 50/name.

The Messenger of ALLAH (peace be upon him) said:

Whoever builds a masjid of the sake of ALLAH, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, ALLAH will build for him a house in paradise.

[Sahih Muslim, Book 4, Hadith 1085]


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