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Build a mosque for the needs of muslim in Yokohama, Japan

Support our Muslim brothers in need of covering the costs of building a Masjid.

The mosque’s expansion project has ended and opens to the public on 16th October 2020. Before this, the building was only a 2-storey shophouse from December 2006 until recently.

Alhamdulillah, now the Masjid can accommodate 1000 Muslims (in previous only 600 people).

  • The new facilities added in the new building
  • The kitchen area; makes it easier for the Muslim community’s da’wah activities to get halal food during iftar and suhoor
  • Conference room for a meeting of the Muslim community
  • Classes for the use of Japanese Children’s and Muslim Religious Classes

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, but for those residing in Japan, religious practice is quite challenging.

A masjid is significant for them to strengthen their faith and better understand Islam in their homeland. A part from that, it can also be an opportunity to establish community relations in a non-Muslim country.

Ja’me Masjid Yokohama is situated in Kanagawa prefecture’s capital city – the second-largest city in Japan.

This mosque becomes a center of attention in serving the Muslim communities for such sermons, Al-Quran classes, interfaith dialogue, and festivals.

Japanese and other non-Muslim visitors are welcome here.

To date, this Ja’me Masjid has become a tourist attraction for those who want to come and learn about Islam.

We aimed this mosque as a cornerstone for creating social implications for locals here, both Muslim and non-muslims.

Among the activities held included:

  • Declaring Shahadah
  • Quranic Classes for Japanese Children
  • Street Dakwah
  • Halal Food Festival
  • Cultural Festival
  • Mosque Visitation
  • Organize seminars targeting professionals like businesses, politicians, governmental officers.
  • Distributing Islamic materials such as leaflets, books, Qur’an, and booklets in the Japanese language.

Masjid Yokohama

Jazakumullah khair katsiran to everyone who have supported this project. May you attain His Jannah one day In Sha Allah.

Imagine thousands of people each day who would pray, attend every religious class conducted, and embrace Islam here. You will gain a fair share of all those activities from Allah SWT. Keep on your support through all of our projects.

Abu Hurairah reported Allah’s Messenger as saying:

When a man dies, all his acts come to an end, but three: recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people benefit), or a pious offspring, who prays for him.


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