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He is way too young to go through something like this!

100% of all large intestine has been removed.

He is way too young to go through something like this! 


Adam (2 years old), is currently fighting a complicated disease.

Adam suffers from three types of colon diseases (Hirschsprung’s disease, Bowel Malabsorption, Adrenal Ganglioneuroblastoma).

Since birth, Adam has suffered from health problems after health problems. Adam did not defecate after three days of birth, the doctor suspects Adam has intestinal problems. Since then, Adam has undergone six surgeries.

  • 1st surgery – install a stoma bag in the large intestine.
  • 2nd surgery – insert the central venous line (CVL). 
  • 3rd surgery – whole large intestines removed.
  • 4th surgery – adjust the stoma bag and replace the CVL because the previous CVL was infected.
  • 5th surgery – Adam underwent the surgery for 12 hours (covering 4 different types of surgery).
  • 6th surgery – insert CVL on the right side, because the left side can no longer be used due to infection and also to close the stoma bag hole.

Every month Adam’s family had to incur high financial costs, not only for Adam’s treatment but also for Adam’s daily necessities such as drinking of milk and daily diapers.

Adam’s parent had depleted all their saving and money for the surgeries and continuous treatment costs. 

Therefore, We from Myheart, in collaboration with MyFundAction, seek your financial support and prayers to help Adam Thaqif get through this condition and return home with the best health.

Surely prayers and good words help but let’s put that faith into action to help ADAM THAQIF!

We are in desperate need of your generous contribution. Because of your generosity and good heart, many families out there are surviving.

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