“The silent struggle of the Muslims in a minority Muslim country, especially our new brothers and sisters.”


Many Muslims especially reverts are struggling with the aftermath of trauma and facing mental health challenges.

They need a supportive community to heal, after making the brave decision to leave behind friends and loved ones for their beliefs.



“Will everything turn out alright? Will our family still love us if we choose to embrace Islam?”

“What will happen to our children? Will they face discrimination just because they were born into the faith?”

“Will there be a supportive Muslim community to turn to when we face challenges and feel lost?”


We should put ourselves in their shoes and ask the same questions they are facing. Even though we are not in their position, we can still offer our support and show them compassion when others cannot.

Additionally, Muslim parents residing in a non-Muslim nation also have concerns about their children growing up in a non-Islamic cultural and social environment.


Undoubtedly, they will experience culture shock and without proper guidance and support, there is a danger that the second generation or our children will have difficulty retaining their religious beliefs.


People said; “O Messenger of God! Which of God’s servants are most beloved to him?”He replied; “The most beneficial of them to the people.”

They asked; “Which action is best?” He replied; “Putting joy into the heart of a believer.”



Many people in minority Muslim countries, be they new reverts, long-time converts, single Muslims, refugees, or the elderly, are all in need of your love, acceptance, and support.

Come with us; let’s show some love and support from afar. All the gifts will be much appreciated and bring happiness to them. At least they know that we always care and are always there for them.


#1/ Aroha Box Waqf. The best gift for the reverts. Aroha(love) Box campaign aims to spread Islamic da’wah in New Zealand by educating them about Islam. It’s the ideal gift because it includes a praying mat, a praying veil, prayer beads, a sahih translated Quran, and other kits to help those who have recently converted to Islam, and even the second generation Muslims as well. This gift will assist them in becoming closer to Islam.

#2/ Support the operation cost of the center. For your information, access to this Islamic centre is free and open to the public. All the classes and seminars are FREE. The monthly operational cost (including rent and utilities) to keep the centre running is nearly NZD10,000 (RM26,242).


We are seeking your support to  make this project a reality. These resources will play a critical role in spreading the teachings of Islam and helping people learn more about their faith.

Let me tell you a secret…Even if you’re thousand miles away, you too can show your thousand loves and support to them.

We know that Muslim around the world wish to support, but are limited in your time.

Thus, we have taken on that responsibility with passionate hearts, but we need your support.

Let's be part of us in this project

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