School is needed for the second generation learn Islamic Education. 

You can intend this wakaf for education on behalf of yourself, beloved parents who are still alive/had passed away, family or acquaintances who have been virtuous or indebted but lost contact)

Islam was established in Japan almost 130 years ago, but what make us worry is when the Islam does not continue to the younger generation.

Many of them are increasingly losing the value of Islam in themselves.

Here are the facts of what happened in Japan:

  • The practice of religious values ​​is limited to religious ceremonies such as weddings and funerals
  • The 2nd generation of Japanese Muslims embrace Islam by descent from grandparents not their own choice
  • There is no good Islamic Education learning system


We see this as an opportunity and trust for us to help spread the message in Japan

MyFundAction in collaboration with Japan Islamic Trust is working to purchase a three -storey building in Tokyo that will be used as:

  • Islamic School Grades 1-6
  • Adult Arabic and Quran Classes
  • Community Center and Cultural Activities

Without our support, the Muslim community may not be able to learn Islam better and the number of Muslims there will decrease.

Will you join the cause to help spreading dakwah in Japan?

“O you who believe! Shall I show you a business that can SAVE you from an unbearable TORTURE? (10)
That is, you believe in Allah and His Messenger, and you STRUGGLE TO DEFEND AND ENFORCE THE RELIGION OF ALLAH with your property and yourselves; That is better for you, if you want to know (the truth). ”(11) – As Saff 61: 10-11.


We can also gift waqf in the name of the family and parents who have passed away.

The value of RM 30 is indeed small, but meaningful enough to support dakwah activities in Tokyo, Japan.

May Islam be able to spread widely throughout Japan and eliminate negative perceptions of Islam with a new perception that is ISLAM FOR ALL. Hopefully, with this effort, we all get pleasure and mercy and forgiveness from Allah swt.

Let's be part of us in this project

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