“We’re waiting to be martyred”

Beyond 100 days of the ongoing war, millions of Palestinian people are tired and have nothing to eat

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While we are less than a month from Ramadan, the missiles continue raining down on Gaza, forcing 1.5 million Palestinians to leave their home to the south Gazan city of Rafah.

This “safe zone” is overcrowded with limited to no basic human needs.

Moreover, they are at health risk with a high prevalence of epidemics caused by the absence of adequate health infrastructure.

Gaza is now filled with tents, and all the once-forever home is smashed to pieces, leaving rubble everywhere. The sight is heartbreaking, with destruction all around, showing the devastating impact of the conflict.

They have been through a ‘fasting’ month earlier than us, where many families will face Ramadan with empty plates and homeless.

Survival hangs by a thread as the humanitarian assistance hardly reaches them, blocked by Israel’s illegal settlements. They have to pour a lot of money only to fill their stomach. Since the short supply of flour, the price has increased more than 50% from around 25 shekels to 1,400 shekels.

Give them a taste of home

It’s a time when Muslims get together to support humanitarian causes that improve the lives of our brothers and sisters with limited resources and to give generously to those in need. Let us reach this blessed month by supplying the necessities of life. 

MyFundAction’s dedicated team is on the ground, ready to provide vital assistance with your help. We Are Committed to Providing:

  • Hot meals for Iftar
  • Medical supplies and medicine
  • Supporting Palestinian orphan

Let’s stand united in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Your generosity can make a world of difference!

Distributions of aid

Many people would ask how we manage the aid during these hard times since Gaza has been blocked.

MyFundAction has been working closely for the Palestinian Project since 2019. This time around we collaborate with over 60 NGOs in Malaysia under “Ops Ihsan” and support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This collaboration has managed to prevent overlapping and misappropriation to ensure the aid provided met requirements and reached those in need.

We will always #standwithPalestine. Our efforts will continue even the war just end to rebuild the new Gaza, insha Allah.

May Allah S.W.T rewards you [with] goodness. Support by sharing this campaign with others:

We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

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