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EMERGENCY! Hospital in Palestine is still being bombarded and ‘bathed in blood’

Build new medical center for them starting from RM30/lot

Usually every year, the month of Ramadan witnesses the battle between Israel and the Palestinians.

Nowadays over 23000 Palestinian martyr  with 30 hospitals has been bombed by the Isr@el soldiers during the war.

It is giving a huge impact for the people like

  • Spending 3hr for going to hospital nearest them
  • Difficulty to get access of treatment after they have been injured
  • Died before get the treatment

We have starting to collect cost of the medical center and will start the operation after the west bank has declared save to stay.

*timeline pembinaan hospital


  1. Lacking of medical center

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundActionAs-shifa Hospital, the only complete modern hospital is now destroyed

Effect of the war, the hospitals has been destroyed and the people need to wait for the treatment after injured.

2. The distance of the hospitals more than 40km

The Palestinians had to suffer without treatment because there were no hospitals or clinics in their area. If there is one, they had to travel for more than 3 hours to the nearest hospital in Hebron.

*poster jarak ke hospital

This is due to the unpaved road and rocky ground, they goes to hospital by using ambulance but still limited. What makes it more difficult for them, is not just the travel distance. The Israeli army will restrict their travel at every border from district to district within the West Bank.

In fact, not only that. In each district, they have to switch cars by using a different entry pass.

What is more heartbreaking, Palestinians in the West Bank are KILLED and arrested almost every day! The risk of death is higher because there are no complete health and transportation facilities in the immediate area.

Palestine Medical Centre MyFundActionThis is a picture of the medical center building that will be built in Um Al Khair, West Bank

Seeing this situation, MyFundAction took the initiative to develop the Palestine Medical Center project in Um Al Khair, West Bank:

✅ Providing facilities to 20,000 Palestinians living in Um Al Khair
✅ Provide rapid emergency treatment especially for injured Palestinians
✅ Helping expectant mothers to give birth

With your support to provide health facilities like this, we can defend the fate of our brothers in Palestine to continue to be determined to continue living there.

WAQF New Medical Centre in Um Al Khair, West Bank

[1st Phase RM524,255.02]

From Aisha RA who said, the Prophet SAW said,

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small.”

(HR. Bukhari, 6465)


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