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Basic Needs Assistance For The Needy

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The Box of Happiness Project has been running since August 2019 until now. It is designed to help ease the burden of low and middle-income groups by providing basic food needs at home.These boxes basically can last for a maximum one month for every household depending on the total number of the household. 

This program is not just about providing food aid, but it is also a way to look into various problems and issues of the community. From this one-off distribution, we will analyze their life conditions and filter those who are eligible to receive more assistance by selecting a few of them to go through the following phases. 

All the challenges are due to lack of education, engage in low skilled work.


What is MyFundAction role?

We are supporting 15,000 beneficiaries to get out of the poverty line through the Rezeki Ummat (RU) and Perantis Aspirasi program. The goal is to continue to uplift and enhance the quality of life of the B40 households in Malaysia through economic sustainability and well-being.


  • To promote generosity through volunteering besides supporting the needy families around Malaysia during hardship times
  • To provide basic food assistance and supplemental needs to low-income families.
  • To ensure assisted individuals will continue to be able to improve their quality of life
TARGET LOCATIONS Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur,, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor
CONTRIBUTION NEEDED Monetary or any kind of sponsorship


Together with partners, we develop skills and technical training programs, and we advocate them with 6 months of monitoring so that they can focus on growing the income of the family. 

We are looking forward to grow this project together with you. Support this project today and help them fight for a living.



Updates on Rezeki Ummat

MAY 2022

The Struggle of a single mother

In May 2022, 1653 boxes were distributed around Malaysia (1164 beneficiaries), New Zealand (30 beneficiaries), and Middle East countries. One of the beneficiaries is Mrs Saratah.

Thanks to the Rezeki Ummat programme, Mrs. NurSarah, a Muslim convert and single mother of four children, was able to purchase a special mild formula for his 85-year-old father…[READ MORE]


JUNE 2022


In June 2022, 2515 boxes were distributed around Malaysia (2211 beneficiaries), New Zealand (10 beneficiaries), and Indonesia (64 beneficiaries).

Before this, Mrs. Zarina and her family only able to eat whatever they have but most of the times it was plain fried rice. And this was during the MCO period. But now she had asked that this aid is given to a more needy families than her…[READ MORE]

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