Rezeki Ummat

Economic Empowerment Campaign

Rezeki Ummat, more than providing food.

Rezeki Ummat is designed to help ease the burden of low and middle-income groups on providing basic food needs at home. The aim of this project is to ease their burden and ensure the basic necessities of home are covered.

Rezeki Ummat is the first step to look into various problems and issues of the community.

Rezeki Ummat MyFundAction

This is one of the confessions that we still receive through messages and calls from those who need help with the basic needs of Rezeki Ummat.

They are not asking to be tested with hardships and hardships.

However, the rising cost of household goods like rice, oil, eggs, and more has left many Malaysian households in a state of food insecurity.

To the point where certain people have already started their “fast” before us since they can’t afford to buy food.

Rezeki Ummat MyFundAction

What is MyFundAction’s role?

Observing a situation like this, MyFundAction took the initiative to launch the “Rezeki Ummat” project, [RU].

RU is a project to help ease the burden of low and middle income groups in providing basic food needs.


Rezeki Ummat MyFundAction

The goal is to continue improving the quality of life of Malaysian B40 households through sustainability and economic well-being.

Project Name Rezeki Ummat 
  • To meet the basic food needs and other requirements of low-income families.
  • To guarantee that those who receive assistance will be able to continue to enhance their quality of life
Target beneficiaries 15,000 families
Target location Entire Malaysia
Contribution needed RM3,960,000
Bring joy to those in need

Contributions will be utilized to provide the following for those of you who support Rezeki Ummat:

Rezeki Ummat MyFundAction

To all jiwa baik,

Your generosity can bring a ray of hope to those less fortunate.

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“Hellfire is afraid even of a date (that you give to the hungry).” – Narrated by al-Bukhari

Insha’Allah, Rezeki Ummat will make it easier for individuals who are struggling financially to recover.

Rezeki ummat MyFundAction
Support Rezeki Ummat to Those Being Tested

PACKAGE 1 – Help 5 families: RM750

PACKAGE 2 – Help 3 families: RM450

PACKAGE 3 – Help 1 family: RM150

PACKAGE 4 – A sign that we care: RM50

PACKAGE 5 – A sign that we care: RM30


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Updates on Rezeki Ummat

MAY 2022

The Struggle of a single mother

In May 2022, 1653 boxes were distributed around Malaysia (1164 beneficiaries), New Zealand (30 beneficiaries), and Middle East countries. One of the beneficiaries is Mrs Saratah.

Thanks to the Rezeki Ummat programme, Mrs. NurSarah, a Muslim convert and single mother of four children, was able to purchase a special mild formula for his 85-year-old father…[READ MORE]


JUNE 2022


In June 2022, 2515 boxes were distributed around Malaysia (2211 beneficiaries), New Zealand (10 beneficiaries), and Indonesia (64 beneficiaries).

Before this, Mrs. Zarina and her family only able to eat whatever they have but most of the times it was plain fried rice. And this was during the MCO period. But now she had asked that this aid is given to a more needy families than her…[READ MORE]

JAN 2023

Throughout the month of January 2023, 2,348 Rezeki Ummat boxes in total were distributed.


FEB 2023

Over the course of February 2023, 1,991 Rezeki Ummat boxes in total were distributed.

Qalisya, strong kids!

MyFundAction assisted the Qalisya family towards the end of February. A child who knows the difficulties that her family suffers in life.

The story of Qalisya has captured the attention of netizens, and assistance provided to Qalisya and her family.

New motorcycle to ease her mother to do work

MyFundAction provided a motorbike, fixed a car, and provided pocket money for Qalisya’s family’s needs.

Qalisya is only one of many youngsters who have suffered adversity since they were children.

Keep going to cooperate with us in assisting thousands of children who share Qalisya’s fate.

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