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"For many years after embracing Islam, I still do not know how to recite the Al-Quran"

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Imagine how sinful and guilty we felt when our team met a group of new Muslim converts in Sabah when we discovered that they can’t read, not knowing how to recite Al-Quran all their life. Some just memorize but when we shown some of the verses, none of them can read it.

Deep inside our heart we wonders how do they perform daily prayers and guiding their family to know more about Islam.

But we cannot simply put the blame to anyone easily as the cost of reciting class is not as cheap as in peninsular area of Malaysia which normally free. Due to that, MyFundAcfion establishes 5 new Al-Quran learning and recital center all over Sabah from the funding raised by the public.

This learning center will be a place for them to study deeper on the recital rules for free to all new embrace and less fortunate.

They does being grateful the moment these centers has been initiated which there are some of them traveled by bus for 1 hour to just attend the class. To date, many people already registering with our program but with very limited space available, most of them have to share a very narrow space which make learning uncomfortable for them. We even running our of volunteers to make themselves available to teach reciting Al-Quran due to winding and challenging geography.

Some of our volunteers even have to take on boat for hour and drive or ride through dense jungle up to 9 hours just to ensure the children and adults are able to read the All-Quran.

Due to that, it is estimated that our efforts will require almost RM100,000 monthly to ensure these centers can stay operational and accommodate all students and providing free education as well.

So, what can we help?

With all the maintenance and purchasing cost needed we will spend the funding to facilitate the following items:

  • Learning materials and Al-Quran
  • Allowances to our educator
  • Transportation Cost to the centers
  • Welfare of volunteers (food, drinks etc)
  • Upgrade our facility to accommodate growing number of students


We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

MyFundAction is a non-profit organization runs by Youth that embraces love and passion through volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

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