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‘Aisyah, My little Angel’

A mother with a 28-months child who was diagnosed with an atrio-ventricular septal defect (AVSD), or a hole in the heart, is determined to fight for her daughter’s health until the end of her life.

Mrs. Hajar, a housewife, mentioned that she is determined to look after her daughter, one considered as a ‘special child’ until her last breath and will not stop providing her with the best possible care.

She was approached at her home in Paka, Dungun, and revealed that Aisyah was born normally in the Ketengah Jaya clinic in Paka. Even before Aisyah was born, the doctor confirmed that the child she carried was healthy. However, due to Aisyah’s face, mirrored that of a syndrome-down baby, the doctor suspected that her daughter seemed to have health issues after she was born.

“According to the doctor, Aisyah’s breathing was fast, and her oxygen level was low. From there, the doctor knew that she had a heart disease. It did not take long before she was referred to an ICU hospital which is Dungun Hospital on 29th May for further medical observation,” said Mrs. Hajar.

And then she added, when the doctor noticed her breathing rate increasing and she began gasping for air, she was immediately rushed to a hospital in Terengganu with an ambulance on the same day.

Mrs. Hajar, who is still in her period of confinement, looked tired and worried about the health of her newborn daughter. Just as the saying goes, “it never rains but it pours.”

While Aisyah was on the breathing ventilator, her bright skin revealed more of her unhealthy figure, and her lips and nails turned blue due to lack of oxygen.

Mrs. Hajar began crying unconsciously as she retold the story of Aisyah’s first surgery at USM Hospital. The surgery is performed to repair the blood vessel that connects to the lungs, which, if left untreated, will endanger the baby’s lungs due to high blood pressure from the heart. Aisyah’s condition began to improve after the surgery, and when she turned five months old, she no longer relied on the breathing ventilator.

It is true that Allah’s trials are a sign of His love. Despite this, Aisyah must visit the hospital

on a regular basis due to a lung infection. The visit lasted about a year, and now, she is completely dependent on antibiotics.


She is now two years old and her condition has been improving since then. AAisyah has been visiting the hospital once every six months to have her heart monitored because the surgery to repair the hole in her heart has yet to be performed.

What worries her parents now is that, recently, the doctor stated that the hole in Aisyah’s heart

is getting bigger to the point where it is as big as a coin. The doctor suggested that Aisyah undergo surgery right away to close the hole in her heart.

If the surgery is postponed any longer, Aisyah will face a significant risk as she grows older.

Aisyah’s condition is different from any other children that stay outside playing until dawn. She is easily exhausted.

“The cost for the heart surgery this time is really high which is RM 70,000. I also need to ensure

that my wife and two other children who are still in school have enough money to spend”. said Mrs. Hajar’s husband who is still working.

Mrs. Hajar stated that while her daughter was in the hospital, she and her husband had to carefully plan their money spending between household expenses and medical bills for Aisyah.

Despite this, they accept all of Allah’s trials and will continue to care for their dearest special daughter for the rest of their lives.

Even now, Aisyah’s medical bill is past due. We really hope that there will be any concerned party that can share their sustenance with us and relieve the burden on our shoulders by financing the RM1,654 arrears. “

Let us all work together to help ease the financial burden of Little Aisyah’s RM 71,700 surgery.

Little Aisyah, like other children, deserves to live a happy and carefree life.

May Allah reward you for the sustenance that you have shared with Mrs. Hajar’s family.

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