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Box of Happiness Project

Box of Happiness aims to eradicate poverty by providing basic food aid and necessities in the form of boxes to less fortunate families and individuals.

In June 2022, 2515 boxes were distributed around Malaysia (2211 beneficiaries), New Zealand (10 beneficiaries), Indonesia (64 beneficiaries).

This project truly benefit and help people in times of need as we can see from the highlighted story of Mrs. Zarina, a mother of 6 children.

With her husband as the family’s sole breadwinner, raising six children, three of whom have autism, is a not an easy task for Mrs. Zarina.

With hardship comes ease

MCO period really puts a burden on this family as it affected Mrs. Zarina’s husband’s income thus insufficient to provide for the family.

Before this, they ran a small time business nearby and everything was fine, but after MCO, their sales dropped, premises closed and they suffered several losses, to the point that they were forced to close down the business.

Mrs. Zarina hit a dead end and don’t know what to do to rise back up for her family. There are times where the family had to eat only plain rice. That’s how difficult their life is.

Despite all the hardships, the ‘Perintis Aspirasi’ programme has able to help provide moral supports during PKP so that she could keep on going with her life.

And through this programme, Mrs. Zarinah has received assistance, ‘box of happiness’ containing basic food aid and essential items for six months. Little to no less, this has lightened the load, allowing her to focus more on taking care of her family, particularly her special children.

And now, alhamdulillah, their life has slowly becoming stable and Mrs. Zarina can continue with her nasi lemak business like before.

She asked that the aid she received is stopped as she knows that there are other people who are less fortunate than her. She said that;

“I know it’s hard to rise from the bottom. Alhamdulillah with the box of happiness, we can now stand on our own two feet. And we believe that other people, like us, should have a chance to receive this type of assistance.

Therefore, don’t let this kindness ends here. Let’s continue to support those in need so that there’ll be a brighter future for them and also for all of us.






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