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Bread is like a lifesaver for the Syrians from the war as we all know that Syria is one of the countries that are suffering from hunger crisis.

As to this, MyFundAction has taken the initiative to propose the construction of a bread factory in Syria to help prevent starvation.

This proposal has been going on for so long as it needed a suitable land with large amount of fund to support its development. Other than that, the construction required the approval from the Turkish government for it to proceed.

“Perhaps after this, we won’t have to send our children to borrow from the neighbours anymore.”



Alhamdulillah,  as the progress keeps going on, we are at the starting line of the bread factory’s construction.

The Turkish government has finally approved the proposal, and June 11th marks the day of the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the bread factory on a piece of land presented by the Turkish government to Malaysia-Turkey (MyFundAction, MyVenture Capital-Hayrat Yardim) NGO and corporate collaboration

This is a great news for the Syrians because the construction of this factory, which is 500 square metres in size, will be able to provide them with the necessary food supply, which is bread (Rabta).

This factory is located at the zero point border 10 kilometres from Idlib refugees campsite which means that it is a safe location.

Besides that, every day, 15,000 to 20,000 loaves of bread will be distributed to Syrian refugees throughout Syria. And for your information, the total cost of building this bread factory is approximately USD 885,000.


We are grateful for all of your efforts and assistance. This will undoubtedly help Syrians in dealing with the food crisis on hand while also providing them new job opportunities for a better future.

As planned, this factory will be fully operational in August 2022.  Hopefully inshaAllah, the development of this bread factory will proceed smoothly. Your prayers and supports means so much to us, MyFundAction and all of our collaborators. Keep supporting us for a better future in Syria.

Syrians have fought day after day for their survival for so long and finally a new ray of hope will shine in the land of Syria.


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