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Ensuring quality education today means less poverty and suffering tomorrow

We are one step closer to rebuild Palestine a better future by empowering education of young generation

Alhamdulillah, thanks to our supporters, we’ve been able to support the education of Palestinian orphans for one year now.

Through our efforts, 213 orphans have been able to attend school every day.

In 2021 and 2022, we were able to secure the future of 110 Palestinian orphans in Gaza and 103 in the West Bank by supporting their education.

Palestinian Adoption Programme MyFundAction

We’re proud to share that our social value stands at RM 12.50 for every RM 1.00 invested in supporting Palestinian orphans in 2021.

This year, we’re incredibly optimistic about upscaling the project to support the education of 1,813 Palestinian orphans in 2023.

Our primary goal is to cover the costs of school fees, transportation, school trips for learning, stationary, and books for these children.

By doing so, we’re able to lessen the burden on families by providing an opportunity to shift their budget allocated for school fees towards their basic necessities.

Palestinian Adoption Programme MyFundAction

With RM 250 monthly, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these orphans and their families.

Throughout the year, this program provides intensive care to 1,813 orphans. This will include their:

✅ School Fees 
✅ Books and Stationaries
✅ School Trips for Learning
✅ Transportation

Palestinian Adoption Programme MyFundAction

They are the best future of Palestine!

How heartbreaking it is for us to see their continuous struggle of Palestinian orphans to survive.

United We Stand, Strong!

Let us provide a stable and supportive environment for these children by joining this project and becoming their adopted parent.

We pray that these children will become the ones who will defend Palestine.

The one who will build up their country and nation through the power of proper education.

And unto Allah, we pray that this little effort will be counted among the best deeds.

With RM 3000 per year, you are able to have proper engagement with your adopt child.

✅ The adopted parents will have the profile of the orphan.
✅ The adopted parent will have a golden opportunity to attend the scholarship disbursement event virtually.
✅ The adopted parents will receive academic reports and update about the orphans for every semester.
✅ Certificates from MyFundAction

Palestinian Adoption Programme MyFundAction

By supporting our project, you’ll be helping us make a real difference in the lives of Palestinian orphans:

✅ Empowering them with education
✅ Giving them the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities

We’re grateful for any support you can provide and look forward to working together towards this noble cause.

They ask you, (O Muhammad), what they should spend. Say, “Wherever you spend of good is (to be) for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveler. And whatever you do of good – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, 2: 215) 


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Updates on Palestinian Adoption Programme
10th October 2023 MyFundAction Springs into Action
Khan Younis, South Gaza


From the third day of the conflict onward, MyFundAction promptly initiated our initial distribution of hot meals in the Khan Younis area. A cumulative total of 3,000 hot meal packs, at a rate of 1,000 packs per day, have been dispensed to the local civilian population.



Thank you for all your support. Together we can reach and help more people in need.

This is not a religion issue, this is humanity. 

16th October 2023 10,000 Warm Meals Delivered
Khan Younis, South Gaza



In our ongoing commitment to addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable communities in Gaza, our second distribution took place on 20th October, 2023 in Jabalia, Al-Maghazi Camp, and Deir al-Balah with the total cost of $20,000. This operation successfully delivered 10,000 packs of hot meals to residents in these areas, providing crucial sustenance during challenging times. The distribution process was conducted meticulously to ensure equitable access and efficient delivery of warm, nutritious meals to those in need. The positive impact of this initiative was palpable, with recipients expressing gratitude for the support.


22nd October 2023 Unity in Action: 3 Million Aid Relief Sent to Gaza
El Arish International Airport, Egypt



In our ongoing collaborative efforts with 53 NGOs in Malaysia under “Ops Ihsan,” our third distribution, which involved the collective dispatch of 10,000 packs of Ready-To-Eat (RTE) meals to communities in need in Gaza.

This distribution represents a cumulative endeavor that contributes to the broader initiative’s success. In total, Ops Ihsan, in collaboration and support with the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has facilitated the dispatch of approximately 100 tons of aid relief to Gaza through three distinct phases of sorties in the form of medicines, medical equipment, food, baby and women’s necessities and winter necessities worth RM3 million.



Please pray for us. May these 2 containers safely reach our brothers and sisters who are striving in G4Z4. Inshallah.

23th November 2023 Gaza’s Hope Awakens through Medicines, Supplies and Meals.
Shuhada Al-Aqsa School and Malaysia School



In our fourth distribution effort, we implemented a comprehensive outreach program encompassing the distribution of medicines, medical supplies, and hot meals at Shuhada Al-Aqsa School and Malaysia School, located in the heart of Gaza. The combined value of these essential provisions amounted to $9,737.28. This distribution aimed to address critical healthcare needs and provide nourishment to the community, particularly in areas where access to such resources may be limited


24th November 2023 Healthcare Boost: $20,000 Aid to Al-Aqsa Martyr Hospital


In our fifth distribution endeavor, we focused on the critical sector of healthcare, specifically directing our efforts towards Al-Aqsa Martyr Hospital. This distribution involved the provision of medicines and medical supplies with a total value of $20,000. Our aim was to bolster the medical capabilities of the hospital, ensuring that it is well-equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the community it serves.

This strategic allocation of resources reflects our commitment to strengthening healthcare infrastructure in Gaza, particularly at a crucial institution like Al-Aqsa Martyr Hospital. Through these ongoing distributions, we strive to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of the local population by addressing immediate medical requirements and fortifying essential healthcare facilities.

To know further about the distribution, please refer this link:

Update Medical Aid Distribution for Emergency Relief

24th November 2023 Bring back theirs smile
Beit Al- Maqdis and Khan Younis, Gaza.



Can you see the big smiles? These are the kids in G4z4. Alhamdulillah, there are 500 children joined us for a day of play in Khan Younis, Southern Gaza.


Our goal is to provide emotional support, bringing smiles to their hearts amid daunting challenges. Imagine kids who’ve lost homes, friends, toys and their parents. They had also lost their childhood. May Allah bring them happiness and strength Inshallah.


5th December 2023 Gaza’s 13-Day Miracle: 6 – 7K Served Hot Meals
South Gaza Strip


Hot meals at south palestine


Alhamdulillah, 6000 to 7000 people benefited from the hot meal distribution in Gaza Strip over 13 days! The food was cooked by our team in Gaza, and a miracle happened during the cooking and distribution process.

Our team usually cooks for 5000 people, but on that day, there were extras. Our team went to several places, including a professional training center (2300 people), the Industry Center for Governmental Development (1500 people), and Al-Ayshiah school (800 people). The remaining meals were distributed to the patients at Hospital Martyrs Al Aqsa (around 200 meals), and a few were given to people on the streets.


10th January 2024 Everyone deserves a better smile
Khan Younis, Gaza.


In our eighth distribution, we launched Phase 2 of our psychological support program tailored for Gazan children in Khan Younis, Gaza. Building upon the success and positive impact of the initial phase, this extended initiative aims to provide continued emotional and psychological assistance to the young minds affected by the persisting challenges in the region. Through targeted counseling sessions, interactive activities, and a nurturing environment.



We strive to further contribute to the mental well-being and resilience of these children. This ongoing effort underscores our commitment to addressing the unique needs of Gazan youth, recognizing the importance of psychological support in their holistic development amidst challenging circumstances.


15th January 2024 Hot Meals Distribution in Northern Gaza
North of Gaza



Over the course of five days, our dedicated team embarked on a mission to distribute hot meals in the Northern Gaza region, a vital initiative made possible by your generous support. With a total expenditure of $17,000, we were able to provide a staggering 20,000 hot meals to over 25,000 Palestinians, offering sustenance and solace amidst trying times. However, the journey was fraught with challenges as our volunteers encountered numerous obstacles, including the perilous conditions exacerbated by ongoing conflict. Tragically, one of our volunteers sustained injuries from an Israeli sniper, underscoring the risks involved in our humanitarian efforts. Despite the adversity, our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to alleviate the suffering of those in need, fueled by the compassion and solidarity of our supporters. Together, we continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people of Gaza, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness of adversity.

March 2024 From Malaysia to Palestine – Delivering Hope Across the Seas
North Gaza



Malaysian NGOs, in collaboration with Aramex, have sent 20 tons of aid comprising food, hygiene kits, and medical supplies to Palestine via sea, a first for Malaysian NGOs. The aid includes RTE food, health kits, hygiene kits, and baby milk, valued at over RM670,000, collected with public support and initiated through the “Palestinian Solidarity Fund.” The aid will be delivered to Egypt and then distributed in Gaza by Friends of Palestine, leveraging strong diplomatic ties for efficient delivery and addressing urgent needs in the region while fostering international solidarity.

March 2024 Feeding Hope – Providing Special Hot Meals Across Gaza for 14 Days in Ramadan and Syawal
South and North Gaza



Our team worked tirelessly for 14 days, establishing central kitchens in South and North Gaza to provide iftar meals during Ramadan and Syawal. We successfully supported over 98,000 individuals, fostering community involvement by engaging local volunteers. Delays in humanitarian aid reaching Gaza heightened the urgency of our project, addressing severe shortages of food and medicine. Our efforts, though challenging, provided vital relief, highlighting the impact of collective compassion. In North Gaza, we tailored meals with local ingredients like Sumaghiyyeh, Zaatar Bread, and Maftoul, celebrating Palestinian culinary heritage and nourishing body and spirit. Despite circumstances, we distributed 1,600 meal sets over two days, showcasing our commitment to alleviating suffering and promoting solidarity in Gaza.

April 2024 Bringing Joy and Healing – Eid Gift Distribution and Psychological Support in Gaza
Camp nestled between Khan Younis and Rafah



In a camp between Khan Younis and Rafah, our organization stands as a beacon of hope, offering psychological support and Eid gift distributions to residents facing challenges. Our third initiative, started in November and running through January, resumed for Eid al-Fitr in April 2024, reaching over 500 children. Emphasizing the importance of psychological well-being, our volunteers work tirelessly to alleviate the trauma endured over the past 190 days. These efforts aim to provide not just temporary relief but also to instill hope and resilience, fostering a brighter future filled with joy and unwavering support for Gaza’s children.

First and Second Disbursement of Scholarships

One of the orphans attends the second virtual meeting between the Palestinian orphans in West Bank and Gaza.
Number of Orphans Supported 213 Palestinian orphans in Gaza and West Bank
Financial Disbursement 1st Phase (5/8/2021): USD 30, 450
2nd Phase (18/2/2022): USD 31, 950
Outcome  Palestinian Orphans
  1. Supporting 213 Palestinian orphans which incorporated 103 of them from the West Bank and 110 orphans from Gaza
  2. Connecting each orphan with their supporters through virtual meetings;
  3. Achieving financial sufficiency in supporting the orphans’ education.


Ensuring Quality Education for the Palestinian Orphans

213 orphans were supported through this project. The social aspect of the project has contributed in building an understanding and rapprochement between the patrons and the beneficiaries. In addition to that, from an economic point of view, the monthly gift could reduce the burden on the families by diverting the allocation budget for education to the basic needs. Furthermore, from an educational point of view, the project contributed to the orphans’ access to free educational services such as school fees, transportation, stationary, and academic developments. Besides, from the health perspective, the orphans are able to enjoy the privilege of having free health treatments, easy access to medicines, and psychological counseling.

MyFundAction standard social value is RM 1.18 for every RM 1.00 invested to support the Palestinian orphans. Another project that will be established in the future is to build a small clinic in Om Al Khair district to ease the community to reach the healthcare service faster.

The ceremony to deliver the fund to the Palestinian orphans.
The picture gathering of the Palestinian orphans in Gaza.

Improvement on Academic Report and the Third Disbursement of Scholarships

In May, our team in Palestine who is handling the project to support the education of Palestinian orphans was preparing the second virtual meeting session between the Palestinian children and the patrons. The session will be conducted every Sunday starting from June to September.

In addition to that, based on the survey given to the patrons, 82% of the patrons who were supporting the project agreed to continue supporting the project for the second year. The patrons could keep track on the orphans’ academics performance to ensure their education development. The 3rd transaction phase was on the 12th of May, 2022, with a total amount of USD 31, 950. MyFundAction standard social value is RM 1.18 for every RM 1.00 invested to support Palestinian orphans.

Through the monthly monetary assistance, most of the orphans now could fulfill the attendance of more than 90%.

This is the reply from one of the patrons in response towards the shared academic report of the orphan he supported and his private messages to him.

The Beginning of a Bonding Relationship between the Patrons and the Orphans from the Second Virtual Meeting Conducted

Alhamdulillah, starting in the middle of June, we began conducting two sessions of virtual meetings every Sunday to connect the patrons with the 35 Palestinian orphans. This will enable direct communication and close relationship among them.

The virtual meeting session will continue to be conducted until September. Both patrons and the orphans enjoyed the moment immensely after the first virtual meeting last June 2021. More than 70% of the patrons willingly want to continue in supporting the orphans for the second year, as we believe by ensuring quality education today means less suffering tomorrow. MyFundAction standard social value remains RM 1.18 for every RM 1.00 invested to support the parentless Palestinian children.

The happy and smiling faces of the patrons and the orphans during the virtual sessions. The session is significant in forming intimate relationships between them and so that the patrons could update and communicate directly with the orphans twice a year.

A Doctor Supported Palestine’s Future Doctor and the Final Disbursement of the Scholarships

In order to connect the patrons with the orphans, there were 50 Palestinian orphans who participated in the virtual meeting sessions every Sunday in July. MyFundAction standard social value increased to RM 24.29 for every RM 1.00 invested to support the Palestinian Orphans. The image below shows the dialogue session between the patron and the Palestinian orphan, who dreams of becoming a doctor just like the patron. This is one of the inspiring stories of the month. Besides, MyFundAction disbursed the final phase of the transaction on the 25th of July, 2022 in the total amount of USD 33, 450.

Appreciation Hi-Tea for The Supporters of The Adoption Palestinian Orphans Project

Appreciation Hi-Tea for Palestine Project at The Komunal Cafe and virtually in August, 2022 together with the patrons who are supporting the education of the Palestinian Orphans for 12 months. This event to present and share the report progress of the project directly with our supporters. We are celebrating a collaborative effort between MyFundAction, UFUK and all patrons from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Qatar, UAE and other foreign countries. 

We are delighted to share that the accumulated support for 213 Palestinian orphans’ education has reached RM 602, 047 up until July 2022. One of the good feedback from the patrons was about our website. 

“When your CEO talked to us about transparency and you attached the evidence of the transaction in the reports and gave it to us, it’s very good and I trust your organisation even more. I supported a few projects via your website and it’s perfect as there are many more updates in it. Keep it up! We love the way you work together with us. ” -Mrs. Raihanah-

“Thank you for this session. The team seriously captured what we want to hear today from the Google form feedback. ” -Mrs. Hafsah-

We are targeting to scale up this project by supporting 1813 orphans in Gaza and West Bank by December 2023 and establishing a school for Palestinian children in Jordan by 2024. The CEO of MyFundAction, Mr. Afiq Nazari, shared our current efforts to have live data and live reports about community development projects in order to guarantee that all patrons will soon have access to the transparency of all financial supports that have been optimized in our projects.

At the end of the session, most patrons agreed to continue supporting the education of orphans and get involved with the sustainable project in Palestine. Many thanks to everyone who supported this project directly and indirectly. May Allah bless all these efforts.

The Virtual Hi Tea session with the supporters of the projects. The CEO of MyFundAction, Mr. Afiq Nazari also shared his gratitude message to the supporters for being part of us in the project.

Mrs. Nabihah, the Project Manager presented the progress report, the current condition in Palestine and the sustainability planning for the best future of Palestine.

The picture together with all the supporters who attended the Hi-Tea Session.

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