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Best Deeds For The Deceased

Have you ever wonder.. If the dead could speak, what are the prescribed deeds that we are to do on their behalf?



A’isha رضي الله عنه reported :

My mother died all of a sudden, and I think if she could to speak, she would have (made a will) regarding Sadaqa’. Will I be entitled to reward if I give charity on her behalf ? He (the Prophet) said: Yes


Therefore, we would like you to stand together with us in this Waqf Quran Project for the Africans.


The untold stories in Africa

There are just few schools provide Islamic education.

Most of the madrasah in Africa has no fund to give the best facilities to the students. 


Some of the students had to tear the Quran sheets in order to share them with others. 


This is how they do to improve their memorization which by writing them on a slate of woods.

If there’s no Quran, how do they read the Quran everyday?


Let’s change the future of our Muslim children

Years by years, we improve our efforts by leaving positive impacts for both the African and Malaysian people.


We not just distribute the Quran, but we want to ensure everyone can read and understand it. 


Reap the rewards on behalf of the deceased

By starting from RM50/name, you will be able to develop a professional Quranic generation as a result of your waqf.


For every letters, every verse delivered from the quran you give,

May Allah SWT blessed and give the rewards till the hereafter.



“I hereby give waqf (amount of waqf) on the mentioned name (the name of the person for waqf) to distribute a copy of the Quran to the Muslims in Africa managed by MyFundAction.


Let's be part of us in this project

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We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

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