Children like Nasser require clean water to avoid the Cholera outbreak.

The children in Al-Hassaniya village, Yemen had to either walk or ride a donkey tens of kilometres just to get water from the well.

But much to their dissapointment, most of the wells in the village almost dried up due to the drought season.

“I wish I could go to school instead of traveling for an hour just to get water everyday. It’s very tiring.” said one of the Yemeni boy


Nasser Zaid said as he filled up his bottles, “I know the water is not clean, but this is our only water source.

The Yemeni children had to forsake their education in order to meet their basic needs for water.

Plus, with the cholera outbreak that’s happening in Yemen, it has become the largest and fastest-spreading outbreak in modern history!

According to the UN, more than 17 million people in Yemen lack access to safe water supply. Shocking isn’t it?

The majority of the locals are infected with cholera as a result of drinking contaminated water. Since April 2017, about 3,500 lives have been lost in Yemen from cholera and severe diarrhoea!

Clean Water Well Waqf Project in Yemen

Therefore, by looking at the situation they faced, MyFundAction has taken the initiatives to ease their burden by building water tanks and installing piping system connecting the water well to each house

This project will definitely benefit 10,000 people living there.

The locals will benefit from having access to clean water, which will also help the community’s level of hygiene.

They don’t have to travel far and waste most of their time for water supply.

However, in order for this to happen, it needed USD50,000.

Let’s all join hands in providing clean water supply for the people in Yemen by makin waqf for the water well project in Yemen.







May with this little effort, there’ll be more happiness than sadness in Yemen. Keep in mind that, a drop of water for them holds a wealth of reward for us in the hereafter.

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