Harsh Winter in Syria: The Refugees Struggle To Stay Warm

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Save Syria From The Nightmarish Winter

It’s been 11 years since war in Syria has erupted. While leaving deep scars in the hearts of the Syrian. The brutal war has devastated the lives of all Syrians.

Years of conflicts, poverty and violence, millions are forced to face the ‘nightmare’ winter with temperatures well below zero.

The question is, how can they survive the cold harsh season? With nothing more than worn-out tents, no proper warm clothing and food supply, the Syrians are left unprotected. They had to burn clothes to stay warm throughout the winter.

About 2.2 millions Syrian refugees live in tented settlements in Syria have long struggled in the winter. All of this is due to the long-term war impact on Syria. So, they had to be a refugee in their own country and are left with nothing.

No job, no house, no food supply and more importantly NO HOPE!


Looking at the situations they faced, we, from MyFundAction has taken the initiative to support them in every way possible. One of it being the Winter Mission 5.0.

Why 5.0? because it’s been 4 years since MyFundAction launched this mission and this year will the fifth time we support the Syrian refugees in fighting the low temperature winter.

List of winter mission 5.0 aid:

  • Food basket – It’s to provide them with sufficient food supply to survive during winter.
  • Bread Factory – The factory has reached the second phase of construction, and by the time it is finished, it will be able to guarantee food security for Syrians.
  • Briquette House – As of now, 500 houses have been built, with more on the way, but this time, we intend to provide solar panels to the homes to reduce electricity costs.




Therefore, we would like to open an opportunity for you to be part of our mission in saving Syria from the freezing winter.

With just 100€, you too can bring warmness to the Syrians refugees. Who knows what will happen to them if we aren’t there for them. Last winter has resulted in the death of many children due to freezing. Maybe the same thing will happen or worse if we abandon them.

Come, let’s join hands in reaching those who will suffer in the upcoming cold winter. Support Winter Mission Syria 5.0 now!


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