You can change the heart-breaking lives of orphans in Palestine

Will you help rebuild the lives of the orphans in Palestine?

The orphans of Palestine have seen so much horror at such a young age. It’s heartbreaking. 

Massa, a little girl, lost both her parents to the conflict in Palestine. 

She will no longer be able to hide behind her parents when she’s scared… Or get a hug from them when she needs comfort. She has to face the harsh realities of the world on her own. 

Sadly, there are many more children in Gaza who have been left without a father or a mother. These children have been through unimaginable heartache.

They need your support to rehabilitate their life.
Will you help?

Education is the only way to change their life:

After losing their parents, many orphans can no longer afford food, shelter, and especially education.

This is why we at MyFundAction are providing a comprehensive program to orphans in both Gaza and the West Bank. Our program benefits 1800 orphan students and their families –  1200 in the Gaza Strip and 600 in the West Bank. 

We support orphans in Palestine with needs like food, shelter, and financial support. But we also provide them with an education. So that when they grow up, they can be independent and self-sufficient.

We’re supporting Massa in fulfilling her dream of becoming an engineer but we can not do it without your support. 

Will you help us make Massa’s dream come true?

Can you imagine the fulfilling experience of sponsoring an Orphan?

Every child who is brought into this world needs unconditional love and protection simply by virtue that they are children.

However, Palestinian orphans do not have the guidance or affection of their parents.

Your support can provide a safe haven for them.

With a sponsorship of $70 a month, you can support a child and change the course of their future. That works out to only $2.33 a day

Where will your money be used?

This is how your support will be broken down to provide an orphan with the love and care they deserve all year round:

Winter Aid: USD 140
Educational Aid: USD 420
Ramadhan Aid: USD 140
Eid gift: USD 70
Eid Adha: USD 70

This is how you're changing lives:

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we were able to secure the future of 110 Palestinian orphans in Gaza and 103 in the West Bank by supporting their education in 2021 and 2022.

And in 2023, we’ve scaled our project to include 1,800 Palestinian orphans .

But with your help, we can scale to new heights and change the lives of many more orphans.

What happens when you sponsor a child?

You will get: 

✅ Access to the profile of the orphan you sponsor (safeguarding guaranteed). 

✅ An opportunity to attend the scholarship disbursement event virtually.

✅ The academic reports and updates of the child for every semester.

✅ Certificates from MyFundAction.

MyFundAction is doing everything it can to provide relief to the war-stricken orphans of Palestine who are facing unimaginable hardships but we can not do it without your contribution. 

If you feel even an ounce of empathy for these poor children, support whatever you can.

Still need a reason to spend money in path of Allah?

Orphans were particularly close to the prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s heart.

He (SAW) said “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle finger together.  

Imagine attaining this extraordinarily elevated rank on the day of judgment and meeting the prophet (SAW) without standing in prayer all night or giving away all your wealth.

You have an opportunity to meet the Prophet (SAW) by just sharing your love with an orphan today. Allah is infinitely kind and provides you with such golden chances every day. Don’t let this pass you by.