Monetary Assistance

Monetary Assistance

Monetary assistant supporting vulnerable people around the world to lift them out from poverty, health issues and crisis of facing disasters.  MyFundAction is providing safe and transparent donation campaign to those needy. You could discover more about this in Frequently Asked Questions On Where Your Donations Goes.

Here’s how you can be part of us to improve this community for a better life:-

  1. One – off donation
  2. Auto debit monthly
  3. Endowment (Waqf)
  • One-Off Donation
  • Continuous Pledge
  • Endowment (Wakaf)

Food & Clean Water

Heating Element






Volunteering Assistance

Your donation is safe in our hands because we are transparent about how much we raise and where it is spent

The generous support from you, has allowed us to reach over 107, 934 people who in need since 2014. We responsible to manage USD 2.07 millions for all of these needy people rightly and efficiently. You can trust us to deliver the aid programs immediately with long-term benefit to their lives in good practice and sharia’s compliance.

When we promise your donation is in safe hands, we mean we work very hard to ensure you can trust us to use your donation in the most effective way to ease the suffering of others. You can trust us to deliver aid programmes of the highest quality that bring immediate relief and long-term benefit to people’s lives. You can also trust that your money goes where we say it is going. You can trust that we follow the Islamic, legal and good practice standards you would expect of the world’s largest independent Muslim charity.

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