Despite these uncertain times, we're always here to help

For the best future

MyFundAction empowers youth as global leaders to provide the best solution for mankind through Islamic values.

Educational Needs

Offering and helping Muslim education for social change.

Enliven Poverty

Delivering essential food supplies to those who are in need.

Food Aid

Fill the hunger of people around the world in need.

Medical Relief

Bringing medical access closer to the poverty-stricken group.

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Supported by the people you trust

Ardell Aryana

Ardell Aryana

Sector: Poverty, Food
Project: Emergency Relief

Mat Dan

Project: General Project

PU Taha

Sector: Education
Project: Annur Quranic Centre
(Dr.) Mohd Farid Bin Ismail

(Dr.) Mohd Farid Bin Ismail

Senior Lecturer, Department Of Chemistry, UPM
Project: Qurban Care For Ummah (QC4U)​

Naim Daniel

Sector: Health
Project: Care for You

Iddin Ramli

Project: General Project
Noor Azira Abdul Mutalib​

Noor Azira Abdul Mutalib

Lecturer Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM​ | Doctor of Philosophy
Project: Autodebit Campaign & QC4U

Dato’ Fazley Yaakob

Sector: Health
Project: World Heart Day

Volunteer : Perspektif Anak Muda

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qurban for the deceased

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