When looking at the youth, there are many problems that they face every single day, especially on education, leadership, financial, and moral issues. These problems need to be solved for a better future.

Youth is the world’s future. We can illustrate our world for the upcoming decades by looking at the youth today. We all have a vested interest in seeing our youth succeed. Regular access to civic-engagement opportunities can lead to better outcomes for students, young adults, and their communities. Youth who volunteer are more likely to perform better in their studies and work life, later becoming civically active adults.

MyFundAction believes that the aforementioned problems are becoming worse and we need to act upon them with the youth. “Youth must be equipped and well-trained from today to develop them so they can lead the world perfectly without any major fault,” said Dr Hizul Azri Md Noor, Founder and Main Advisor of MyFundAction.

“That is why we are leading in developing youth with full interest, since we are inspecting the quality and potential in them who can contribute more to the nation. That’s why we have a weekly mentorship program to monitor our youth’s work and study,” he added, who is also a medical doctor from Malaysia.

Some of our volunteers in New Zealand who are majority of them are student with excellent education achievement

Hence, these are the three aspects that MyFundAction will provide to the youth;


We have more than 2000 committed youth worldwide leading, planning, and executing our social endeavours. We believe that youth with great volunteerism & leadership traits will further revamp the social and economic standard of a nation.


Our comprehensive entrepreneurship modules managed to guide our youth to establish 26 affiliate companies that practice social entrepreneurship that focus more than for-profit goals and also generate a positive return to society.


With 90% of our members still learning, academic excellence is one of our utmost priorities. We start to nurture them as early as high school up to post-doctorate. As future leaders, we hope that they can become a bridge between theoretical knowledge and real problem-solving applications.


According to Muhammad Afiq Mohmad Nazari, Chief Executive Officer of MyFundAction, we will become a foundation that is well known to the world community. We are aiming to see MyFundAction going global in empowering youth who will provide facilities and assistance to many more in need.

Our Board of Trustees while in Turkey

Beyond any doubt, youth empowered by MyFundAction are trained to conduct many projects under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are aligned with United Nations (UN) and other global movements which are: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-being, and Quality Education.

It includes all youth in our branches which are located in New Zealand, Japan, Egypt, Indonesia, and our headquarters in Malaysia which has been managed by our trained youth since 2014. 

Food For Hunger (F4H) is our food division that operates following the Zero Hunger SDG. They will conduct many projects to overcome hunger problems all across the world. One of their highlighted projects is Box of Happiness which runs during the entire year in every branch that we have. This year, a total of 67,000 boxes will be distributed around the world costing more than USD 1,770,000.

MyFundAction’s Box of Happiness distributed in New Zealand and some of the other branches

Other than that, MyFundAction also has successfully built a total of 500 briquette houses in Syria as their proper shelter as for now they are living in torn and old tents. Moreover, they are building a bread factory there to prepare more sustainable food for the Syrian refugees.

All the projects organised by the youth in MyFundAction are aimed towards long term to sustain the global impact. The certified mentors are monitoring closely the youth performance to meet the world standards

Some of 500 MyFundAction briquette house in Syria


The youth stage is the most crucial age compared to every other stage of life. For sure there are many parties that are degrading youth potential. However, proving that they are inaccurate is the best way to convince and build their trust.

As every project is organised, six impacts will be laid out and ensured to be achieved. We measure how our projects interact well with aspects such as authorities, collaborations, crowdfunding, beneficiaries, virality, and youth development. Surely by empowering youth, all the impacts can be achieved and many more people will be helped.

In doing so, people will realise and acknowledge the youth’s potential and indirectly, the world will be far better with this kind of empowerment.

Some of our committed volunteers running Box of Happiness project


Noor Najm, Project Leader of Box of Happiness (BOH) project in MyFundAction New Zealand said, “many organisations are not giving opportunities to the youth as MyFundAction does by giving us the permission to lead and organise impactful projects here. This organisation has served as a good platform for the youth to voice up their opinions and point of views.”

Noor Najm, who is a fresh graduate from Auckland University of Technology encourages people, especially the youth, to join MyFundAction for the betterment of knowledge, skills, and value.

Atyab Naqvi, a master’s graduate from Massey University mentions, “I recommend joining MyFundAction, because they are a great community, great group and it really makes a positive difference towards youth.”

Hence, we are really passionate about elevating others for the betterment of global society. Let’s join and support us for the best future. Visit our Instagram below for more information. https://www.instagram.com/myfundaction/

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