Non-Monetary Assistance

Maximize Your Potential & Give Impact To Others

Let’s start making a difference to other people’s life. Here is how you could MAKE CHANGE without any cents.

Be Our Active Volunteers

We need you to be part of us and join or big hearted family Youth of Strength & Happiness (YOSH). This action enable us to reduce the labor cost while completing more tasks. Your knowledge and expertise could assist us more in helping the needy efficiently.

Spread Awareness

Everything just on your finger tips! By following our social media account and help us in spreading the awareness with just clicking the share button. This simple action help us to reduce the marketing cost and cause massive impact to the communities. Let’s start follow, like and share our media social account NOW!

Watching Youtube

More viewers, more impact! Now by just watching our documentary and videos in YouTube, you could help us to increase the income from our YouTube channel and this benefited to more needy out there. Other than that, we also post trivia and games to keep everything spiced. Let’s subscribe our YouTube channel and click on the bell icon. Stay tuned for more impact!

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