Can you give qurban for the deceased?

Well, the answer to that is fairly simple my brothers and sisters.

Islam has defined specific practices that you must follow once or twice a year throughout your life. Paying Zakat, fasting, and performing Hajj, for example.

Qurbani is one of these rites. Every financially capable person is obligated to perform this animal sacrifice in the name of Allah. It’s yet another means of approaching The Gracious

Is qurbani for the dead, however, permitted in Islam? The solution is given below.

In any case, this rite is carried out every year on Eid-ul-Adha. This holiday is observed by Muslims on the tenth day of the Islamic lunar month Zil-Hajj.

This is a Holy sacrificial event with high religious significance.

It is allow to perform Qurban for the deceased

qurban for the deceased

Qurban is a holy practice with numerous benefits. It is allowed to perform Qurban on behalf of someone else, such as a deceased relative.

And we can combine our intention of performing the sacrifice for the deceased family member with the animal we are sacrificing for our own family.

So that’s a straightforward approach. It was not characteristic of the Prophet (peace be upon him) or the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) to sacrifice an animal for someone who had already died.

Do Qurbani in the name of their deceased parents or elders is legal.

Offer qurban for the deceased under particular conditions

However, offering qurban for the deceased is only permitted under particular conditions. If you are also offering a qurbani for yourself, this is the basis on which you can do so.

Some people dedicate their lone Qurbani to their deceased parents or elders and do not perform one for themselves. The qurban for the deceased is accepted in this situation.

However, the person who made the offer is still responsible for his actions. As a result of not doing his Qurbani, he becomes a sinner.

If you want to offer a qurban for the deceased, you need buy two shares. One is for the deceased, and the other is for you.

qurban for the deceased

The qurbani for both the living and the dead will be accepted in this manner. Do not underestimate the significance of the qurbani for oneself. It is a sin if it is not done.

This Islamic ritual is for the benefit of all Muslims. To get more intimate with Allah and his followers.

Also, to reap huge rewards throughout one’s life. May Allah grant us the strength to obey and accept his directives.

Hopefully this short article is useful in unraveling this issue which should not be a matter of concern.

If you have an further questions or you want to register for qurban, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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