For non-profit of any size, how you hold on your money matters the most. Bank accounts are one of confidential items in MyFundAction and we are very strict on sharing the information about this accounts management. However for a better clarification, we agreed to share by writing a specific article about this issue.

Why MyFundAction had so many different bank accounts?

One of the reason is because our fundraising mechanism requires us to differentiate specific bank accounts for specific campaigns. For instance, we run about 30 campaigns at the same time in a month and we track performance for each campaign by marketers assigned to the campaign. Each marketer will have specific bank accounts and from there we can see their marketing effectiveness. Our reliance to paid advertising is at 70% out of total income as at now and that’s why we need to be very cautious on the ads spending cost against the income that we receive later on.

How can supporters verify this is MyFundAction official bank accounts?

Supporters can always verify MyFundAction bank accounts before making any transactions by carefully examine the bank account details when depositing their money; before the YES/CONFIRM/APPROVE. If it is a legit bank accounts details, the screen will show “Yayasan Kebajikan Muslim (MyFundAction)”  then, supporters can proceed with the transfer. Please let us know by dropping email at and DM our social media platform to get additional assistance on this matter if you have encounter any problems.

The easiest way to contribute

We have been educating our supporters to direct the giving through our websites via online banking. The benefit of online banking is that it simplifies our record keeping as the management is able to know the specific campaign funded from the websites system. For the users, they can just support our campaign via one-click button without the troublesome to key in the bank accounts details in the bank portal. They can just use their credit or debit card or any FPX payment gateway system (for Malaysian registered banks). Please visit our official websites and choose “SUPPORT NOW” to select your preferred campaign. We use BILLPLZ and STRIPE as our main vendors for online banking payment gateway system to smoothen our operation.

I stay in Singapore, how can I support MyFundAction? Can I use my credit card?

Yes, surely our supporters outside Malaysia able to contribute via their credit or debit card. Please make sure your card is an active card and activate the e-commerce and international transaction function. Please call your bank if you need further clarification and queries about these activation status. Please choose “Payment Via credit or debit card” for your international/local or card transaction.

By : Umi Fathin Atia binti Misban

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