Flood Crisis Pahang and Johor: Tripled Numbers, Food Shortages

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Desperate Plea for Help


The number of flood victims in Johor and Pahang has increased by almost 8,000 with Pahang seeing the number of victims transferred to temporary evacuation centres (PPS) more than triple.

Families are forced to evacuate, leaving behind their belongings. Access to the main roads is being cut off due to rising levels of river water. Leaving many struggling to find food, leaving them vulnerable and desperate especially kids and the elderly.

Don’t let their hardship rise with the floodwaters. Your kindness can provide essential supplies to Pahang and Johor families.



Our team is on the ground, working with the Malaysia Civil Defence Force, actively involved in rescue missions and aid distribution. Stand with us at MyFundAction to aid those affected by the floods. Your support directly contributes to rescue mission and emergency needs.

Important Note: MyFundAction is eligible for LHDN Tax Deduction. Every transaction minimal with RM 50 made by individuals and corporate sectors is eligible to apply for tax reduction.

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