Wakaf Mualaf Project in Japan with Special Gifts

Number of converts who started to give up and leave Islam due to the lack of proper guidance and the lack of Islamic teachers in Japan is worrying

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To date, the number of Japanese who have reverted to Islam has shown a positive increase through the spread of da’wah at Islamic centres in Japan. However, sadly, there are also a number of converts who started to give up and leave Islam due to the lack of proper guidance and the lack of Islamic teachers in Japan.

Looking at the religion statistic in Japan, 54.1% of Japanese embraced Shinto religion, 40.5% are Buddhism, 0.7% are Christians, meanwhile another 4.7% are minorities such as Islam, Taoisme, Jews and others.

The main challenge here is language. The lack of references in Japanese Islamic books and Al-Quran makes it difficult for the reverts to get references to help them deepen their understanding towards the religion. There are not many Islamic books translated into their mother tongue as references. There is a Japanese Quran for sale (no Arabic Quran) however, the price is too expensive for the less fortunate. A copy of Al-Quran translated into Japanese can reach up to RM200!

With that, we at MyFundAction are taking this responsibility through the Hikari Box (Annur Box), a preparation box for them to become true Muslims by guiding with the words of Allah.

The Best Gift Box Of All Time

Despite being separated by culture and time zones, we are able to guide them to appreciate the beauty of Islam. The Hikari Box campaign aims to spread da’wah of Islam in Japan as well as giving them the best gift to facilitate reverts in Japan who have just taken syahadah around 4 mosques established by the Muslim community there.

Hikari Box contains:

1. Arabic – Japan Quran Translation
2. Prayer mat
3. Prayer attire
4. Digital prayer beads
5. Video prayer guidance in Japanese

We would like to open the opportunity for you to perform waqf, in order to share happiness with our reverts as low as RM50/share. In addition to perform waqf for yourself, you are also welcome to perform it on behalf of:

– Parents, who are still alive or have passed away.
– Family such as wife, children, and siblings.
– Friends, who are very close. Those who have done a lot of good for you

May this waqf bring us and those who we are performing on behalf, grow closer to Allah and attain His Paradise

Our overall target for this project is 1,136 Hikari Box boxes, equivalent to 6,667 slots for waqf.

Here are the packages provided:

5 Hikari Boxes (25 Lot Waqf) : RM 1250
1 Hikari Box (5 Lot Waqf) : RM 250
Hikari Box (3 Lot Waqf) : RM150
Hikari Box (1 Lot Waqf) : RM50

Akad waqf

I hereby would like to waqf the amount of (the amount of money endowed) on the name of (intended waqf to whom) to sponsor the convert kit (Hikari Box) distribution in Japan that is organized by MyFundAction.


People who are most loved by Allah are the most beneficial to human beings. The practice that is most loved by Allah is to make other Muslims happy, lift the hardships from others, pay off their debts or eliminate their hunger. I walked with my Muslim brother for a need that I love more than a retreat in this mosque -Masjid Nabawi- for a full month.

– (HR Thabrani)


We exist to create a better world by touching many hearts one at a time.

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