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The Struggle For Clean Water Keeps On Dragging For Years

‘Thousand Have Lived Without Love Not One Without Water’ W.H. AUDEN


There is no doubt that water is a valuable resource. Water is used in almost every aspect of our lives. From laundry to cooking to food production. Lack of water has a significant impact on our daily lives.

“How are we supposed to do our daily activities if there’s no water?” 





The people of Kg. Sg. Chiong struggled to obtain a clean water supply. Their only way is through a large water pipe connected to a water catchment 2 kilometres up a hill. The existing pipe, on the other hand, has been badly damaged by wild elephants. There is also a water blockade caused by rocks, soil, and sands.

Their only water supply comes from a nearby river. Plus, they are uncertain of the water’s quality because the river has been polluted by natural factors. It is not safe for daily usage such as drinking, cooking and other purposes.

So, water pipeline maintenance is required to ensure the sustainability of clean water supply. And due to their lack of income, the villagers are unable to pay the maintenance fee.



Pure Water Is The World’s First And Foremost Medicine’


So, through the initiative of MyFundAction, we aim to fund small-scale water service projects with a budget of less than RM20,000.00. Some of them are;

  • water piping system linked to a catchment area 2 kilometres up a hill
  • Spare parts for the pipes and water maintenance on a regular basis;
  • Restorative operation of the water piping system
  • Alternative water tanks 


Therefore, let’s work together to complete this project for the benefit of the villagers. Believe me when I say that every drop is valuable to the people of Kg. Chiong, and with it comes new hope.


May God reward you for all of your efforts. Just imagine how much they will benefit from the construction of this water tank.

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