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Heart surgery is required four days after the baby is born

Low Xin Yu, a one-year-old girl, had to live with a narrow heart canal after doctors suspected that her heart was problematic after 4 days of being born in KPJ Ipoh.

At first, Xiu Yin appeared to be just like any other cheerful children who had no serious health issues. However, due to an unusual sound made by her heart, Dr. Lau immediately performed heart surgery on Xiu Yin within the same month after suspecting that there was a problem with her heart.

Is there any parent who can be happy and sleep soundly, knowing what their child has gone through?Just imagine, that small-bodied baby had to go through the pain of surgery just to have her narrow heart canal cut and connected to another canal.. While children of her age were playing and running in the playground, Xin Yu only watched her friends from the window of the house.

According to the doctor’s report, Xin Yu’s heart will be monitored on a regular basis to see whether or not her heart canal will grow larger as she ages.

It has become a habit for Xin Yu to visit KPJ Ipoh every 3-4 months to have her heart condition checked. What is even more heartbreaking is that Xin Yu’s heart canal condition has not improved, and as she grows older she has difficulty breathing. The lack of oxygen until her face turned blue seemed to be familiar to her.

Dr. Lau, who treated Xin Yu, suggested that immediate surgery should be performed in Gleneagles, KL, in early December as they have two specialist doctors who can make the surgery a success. The ray of hope for Xin Yu to live a normal life is bright again!

Working as a telephone salesperson and having to bear the high cost of living left Mr. Low Seong Lih and his housewife wife, Tow Siew Khoo, unable to cover the RM30,000 cost of Xin Yu’s surgery. They also never received or applied for any help from any NGO.

Support us in helping to ensure that Xin Yu has a successful heart surgery and retains her sweet and cheerful appearance for a long time.

May we be able to restore the fading smile of Xin Yu and the other children by sharing the blessings of your sustenance together.

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