Top 10 Cancer Does Not Mean Your Life Is Over

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Cancer is a disease that occurs due to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.

It stems from the failure of the immune system to function properly whereby untreated cancer can lead to serious illness and even death!

Do you know that, this illness accounts for a quarter of all deaths in developed countries?

For the 10-year period, the top 10 types of cancer were detected among Malaysians:

  1. Breast
  2. Colorectal
  3. Lung
  4. Lymphoma
  5. Nasopharynx
  6. Leukemia
  7. Prostate gland
  8. Liver
  9. Cervix
  10. Ovarian 

In Malaysia, 1 in 10 males and 1 in 9 females will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Cancer MyFundAction

In the past, this illness was like a death sentence for its sufferers.

But, with the current technological advancement in the field of medicine, many patients have successfully recovered.






However, the concern among the patients is when the cost of medicine and treatment for the disease increases every year!

The more chronic the disease, the higher the cost of treatment.

As a result, most of them will take the easy route of stopping or abandoning treatment before completion.

Thus jeopardizing their chances of recovering as usual.

Cancer MyFundAction

What is MyFundAction doing?

We are supporting up to 20 patients that were diagnosed with cancer to help them get urgent surgery if needed, treatment needs and their medical equipment.

The objective is to provide thousands of people a “second chance” to receive the care they require in order to live a better life.

Project name We Care For You (Cancer Fund)
Objectives To help reduce the burden on patients by supporting their needs in operation costs, nursing care needs, and their daily needs.
Target recipients 60 patients annually
Target locations      Entire Malaysia
Contribution needed According to the patient’s needs

As for the parents, detecting it as early as possible we can change the life of that child, his family, the community and the country itself.

Cancer is not a death sentence

Besides encourage the patients and survivors to stay as active as possible, you can also contribute to their medical needs such as treatment cost and medicine.

As mentioned above, the more chronic the disease, the higher the cost of treatment.

With your contribution and support, we can give them hope. 






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