About MyHeart

In 2014, there was a volunteer group known as “Team Syifa”. The team was formed by volunteers with health backgrounds from Yayasan Kebajikan Muslim Malaysia(YDKMM) currently known as MyFundAction. The term Syiffa was an arabic word that means “Healer/Medicine”. The team was created with the intention of raising public awareness about health through one of its core programmes, Kembara Syifa and they were involved in publishing “RESUS (Harapan Masih Ada)”, a book about doctors and medical student life. Later in 2017, the group re-branded to Malaysian Heart Health Association(MyHeart), becoming a non-profit organization under the Registration of Societies Act(ROS) (Society No: PPM-022-10-16032017). At the time, MyHeart had 130 dedicated members, with 90% of us being university student volunteers. We think that volunteering allows youth to work through real issues and create significant improvements and becoming community changemakers. At the present, MyHeart is still supervised by our parent NGO, MyFundAction.

Since we recognise how stressful it is to deal with any health condition, we also offer initiatives that provide financial assistance to patients and families through our Campaign Funds.

We invite you to join us in inspiring healthier communities and providing vital support to those in need.

Here’s a list of patients currently receiving assistance from MyHeart, all of whom require urgent support. Click on their cards to extend your support directly to them.

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