Honesty is a noble trait for person, but even more so in a Muslim. It is what makes a person, a ‘person.’ Everyone has it, but not everyone can practice it in real life. It is an essential component of Muslim character in Islam, with the best example being none other than our prophet Muhammad S.A.W., who was known as ‘Al-Amin.’

Islam encouraged its believer to be honest, but there’s still those who aren’t. Even while doing ‘ibadah’, they tend to be dishonest. We can see it almost every time, just like when in qurban.

We all know that portions of the cow meat are to be distributed to the designated recipients. 1/3 to the poor and needy, 1/3 to those performing qurban, and the remaining 1/3 to families and friends. However, during this process, there is still dishonesty among those in charge of the qurban duties.

Sometimes, those in charge, whether it’s the butcher or the distributor, will take certain parts of the cow that includes the tail, head, leg, skin, the insides, and many others. without asking for permission

Maybe not all people are clear as this is prohibited in Islam or maybe some people just don’t take this matter seriously like it’s not a big deal but in reality it is a big deal. This kind of act is similar to stealing.

They thought they deserve parts of the meat as they’re the ones who managed the process from slaughtering to distributing the meat. But in Islamic regulations, it is considered Haram. They must first ask for permission from the owner.

According to Islam, it is not permissible for the ones in charge to receive qurban meat as a form of payment for their services.

As mentioned in our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. hadiths; Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) put me in charge of his sacrificial animals, that I should give their flesh. skins and saddle cloths as sadaqa, but not to give anything to the butcher, saying: We would pay him ourselves.”

While it is stated in the hadiths that the butcher shall not receive anything from the meat, it is also clear that the act of taking certain parts of the cow is absolutely ‘HARAM’.

Eid is a celebration that brings important messages of happiness not to all Muslims but also everyone. Don’t let this matter affect our eid. Be honest in everything that we do just like how our prophet was in the past.

Therefore, with eid approaching us in less than a month, let’s immerse ourselves in the true meaning of Eidul Adha as we make sacrifices for the happiness of others.



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