‘Everything changes in a blink of an eye’

Mrs. Saratah Letchuman or now known as Nursarah, is a single mother and also the only child of 84 -year -old Mr. Letchumanan and 66 -year -old Tunikody. Started embracing Islam in more than a year when she was given guidance from Allah SWT through his dreams. Alhamdulillah, her parents supported her decision to become a muslim.

Mrs. NurSarah was blessed with 4 children aged 15 years, 13 years, 5 years and 4 years. 2 of them are in school and another 2 kids are still being cared for by their mother at home.

Before MCO, Puan Nursarah worked as an IT officer in one of the car parking companies and earned RM6k a month, but this all disappeared overnight when she was fired from her job when the world was hit by a pandemic and economic downturn. In order to continue living and take on the trust of caring for the elderly and raising children, Pn NurSarah is determined to work as a security officer in one of the security companies. Although the income is only RM1.5k a month, Puan NurSarah is very grateful for being able to support her family even in poverty.

There’s hope in everything

Program Perintis Aspirasi presented to support her for 6 months of assistance received by Puan NurSarah as a result of the good service of a friend who knows her and helped make the application. It was informed that Puan NurSarah did not want to make the excuse of embracing Islam as a reason to get help from Zakat or other parties and was sincere to return to nature.

2 weeks ago his father was rushed to the hospital due to a linked illness. heart, gallstones, asthma, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The cost of living is quite burdensome because he has to spend almost RM150 a week for his father’s milk and pampers. The family desperately needs support to cover the medical expenses of his ailing father.

The story is very inspiring when even in a state of deprivation, Puan NurSarah loves to help those in need. She gathered single mothers, dependents, and prisoners to run the muruku business together during the festival and share the profits together.

Although the value is not much, great value for those in need. He also loves to cook when there is a surplus of money or sustenance to share with the homeless in the capital.

May this story opened our eyes that despite our shortcomings, remember to always be kind to those in need.

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