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My Mother, My Hero

Mrs. Zarina, a mother to 6 children. 3 of them have autism. Managing 3 of her autism children is not an easy task as sometime they can get out of hand. However, for Mrs. Zarina, she felt that this is the responsible give by the creator Himself and was a TICKET for them and their family to reunite in the Paradise. 

She never complained. She continue to presevered in taking care of her family especially her special children.

The period of PKP experienced by this family is quite stressful because of the children’s constraints to go out as usual and at the same time had to face criticism from neighbors and the community’s bad perception of this family when the children with autism often act aggressively and disturb the neighborhood.

MCO period had really put the burden on her shoulder to the extent that all they could eat was only plain fried rice. It is not that she cannot afford any good food for her children but her husband’s income is used on more necessary needs like paying house rents and car expenses. 

The presence of the Perintis Aspirasi program to some extent helped to provide moral support when the PKP hit so that it would not continue to be in a mess and be able to make the money used for kitchen items used for other more important things.

Puan Zarina chose to also help her husband by sending nasi lemak to nearby shops to be sell. 

By keeping in touch with group of parents who have the same children, it makes Mrs. Zarina appear more positive and strong in raising her children. Mrs. Zarina has also completed the six-months of aid from the Aspiration Pioneer Program and asked for the assistance to be terminated so that it can be given priority to other families who are more in need.

The mother of 6 children is also involved in volunteer activities if available, especially to help the families of other Aspiration Pioneer aid recipients who do not have a vehicle by sending the aid to their nearby homes. Despite their shortcomings, they used the advantages they have to help others.

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