As a result of the Arab Spring protests, which saw the successful overthrow of Egypt’s and Tunisia’s presidents in 2011, Syrian pro-democracy activists in Syria have gained some hope to start an uprising against the Syrian government. Let’s have a look at how it all started.

1# Bashar Al-Assad as Syria’s President


Following his victory in the election, Bashar Al-Assad was chosen to succeed his father, Hafez Al-Assad, as president of Syria. Thus began Bashar Al-Assad’s rule in Syria.

But, it sparked the feeling of dissatisfaction in the heart of Syrians as they know what happened to the country before in the hands of his father. And now, his son replaced him. There have been reports of increased unemployment among Syrians, corruption, and a lack of political freedom during the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

So, a group of pro-democracy launch a demonstration to protest Bashar Al-Assad as the president of Syria. The Syria government led Bashar Al-Assad took action and used violence against the protesters as well as the citizens.

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At first, they react by defending themselves against the Syrian government, but it quickly escalates into an all-out war between the Syrian people and the government. Also in the same year, the military defectors formed a rebel group and joined in with the war to overthrow the government.

2# Foreign countries involvement in Syria civil war


Foreign countries played a major part in the civil war each with their own personal agenda. Among the countries are:

  • Russia – Russia is of the international power that sided with the Syria government and supported Bashar Al-Assad so that they can protect their interests in the Middle East.
  • USA – The United States, on the other hand, backed the rebels like Syrian Democratic Force(SDF) in order to maintain Hegemony or dominion over the Middle Eastern countries while waging war with the terrorist ISIS
  • China is another country that backs the Syrian government in order to sell arms to Bashar Al-Assad.
  • Iran is also believed to have provided support to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in terms of money and military personnel so that they secure their relationship with Syria as Syria is the only bridge between them and Hezbollahin Lubnan
  • Turkey is one of the countries that provides the most support to the Syria rebel military group in order to stop the Kurdish militia from dominating the Syrian democratic army.
  • It does not seem like Turkey is picking anyone’s side at this moment. Their main goal is to only stop the Kurdish Terrorists from invading the Turkey border. But after 9 years of the Syria war, millions of Syrians take refuge in Turkey. Therefore, the Turkey government decided to enforced military operation to secure a safe zone 32-km wide from the northern Syria.

3# Will their ten years of suffering in Syria ever come to an end?


The Syria civil war has been going on for more than ten years but still there’s no sign of it ending. And who is the victim in all of this? The Syrian people!

From a peaceful demonstration to an all-out war, many of the Syrians are forced to pay the price with their lives. It is estimated around 400,000 both citizens and fighters died in that war. But this is just an estimation, the actual numbers might be higher.

Millions of the Syrian had to flee from Syria and seek refuge from other countries. The ones stayed behind becomes refugees in their own country. Everyday is a life and death situation for them. Many children have lost family members and their friends. They are faced with poverty, food crisis, diseases and many more.

They are physically and psychologically scarred by the war. It’s difficult to put into words how much suffering the Syrian people are going through. Every single day, they have to deal with this reality hoping that one day, it will all finally end.

So what we can do to assist them? We don’t need to go there to provide aid. There are so many platforms and medium nowadays. What we do is we click on them. This is our role. Our time has come to shine hope on them. Click HERE to be a hero for them






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